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Old February 24th, 2018, 04:15 PM

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Default Czech OOB issue

OOB #17
Unit #164 JAS39 Gripen

Shows Start date after end date

Start date 4/12 end date 3/12
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Old February 24th, 2018, 04:47 PM
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Default Re: Czech OOB issue

Both the gripens in the OOb need OOS dates of 2027, as the lease has been extended till then and 6 more acquired (per wiki, unless anyone else knows better wiki will do)
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Old February 24th, 2018, 05:17 PM
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Default Re: Czech OOB issue

both now 1/107 - 12/125
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Old February 25th, 2018, 03:52 AM

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Fallout Re: Czech OOB issue

I know better, JUL 2005 and it ain't from WIKI which sounds like a beach in Hawaii...
Note the 2018 equipment overview is the same as the 2017 one below, just didn't feel like dealing with a word doc download at this time.

This got me to the above...

Also for GP...

To save me time and another aspect of the EW Project is typing aircraft. As verified and from SIPRI...

Source: SIPRI Arms Transfers Database
Information generated: 25 February 2018

Supplier/recipient (R) No. Weapon Weapon description
Sweden R: Czech Republic 14 JAS-39C Gripen FGA aircraft
No. of order Year(s) Ordered delivery/delivered
14 FGA aircraft 2004 2005

Originally produced for Sweden but declared surplus; CZK19.7 b ($775 m) 10-year lease (offsets 130%; lease renewed 2013 for 14 years); JAS-39C version; incl 2 JAS-39D

Czechoslovakia/CHANGE/UNITS 164 & 168/JAS-39C Gripen/Start Date JUL 2005/End Date DEC 2025//Per everything above (I thought I better look at the OOB so didn't make an OMG Mistake.) These fighters are all the JAS-39C GRIPEN variant. The new lease extension will take the fighters beyond 2025. The JAS-39D is the 2 seat version normally a trainer with full combat capability. However I haven't had to deal which these since we got them into Thailand's OOB, but I seem to remember if equipped, it had a better ground attack capability as well.

But right now I'm done in. And the coming week of "reindeer games" are going to be harder and worse than the recent last 2 week event earlier this month. So beyond this and prepping for the coming week I'm not going to be able to resolve that issue. It's only two aircraft (The "D") and I think it can wait anyway.

The issues were reported on at the time in the Jets/Planes Thread. Also they were from my recently "lost files".

Speaking off which, Andy, I was completely unable to salvage those 100+ refs. from my Mozilla Firefox files brought over to MS EDGE. Still at a loss how it could've happened. All my other thread files are still intact though I'm slowly cullying those several hundred files and migrating the relevant data to the matching files in My Favorites. It's a pain stalking process at the moment.

You can only "grin and bear it" , and move on.

So my final thought...The Resort WIKI on WIKI Beach in Hawaii, I'd never want to go or stay there even if the surfs up!?!

"If something is not impossible, there must be a way of doing it." - Sir Nicholas Winton

"Ex communi periculo, fraternitas" - My career long mentor and current friend -QMCM/SS M. Moher USN Ret..

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Old December 28th, 2021, 03:13 PM

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Default Re: Czech OOB issue

OOb37 Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic

074 Strela-2 Team - withdrawn from use years ago.

RBS-70 is used from around 2006-2007 instead - Swedish OOB77 weapon 192 RBS-70 Mk 2 SAM and picture 36400.

In 10/21 Czechia received new RBS-70NG. Probably it's better, but we haven't this weapon.

According to https://www.czdefence.com/article/to...ela-10-systems at the same time there were wihdrawn 070 Strela-10M.

059 2K12 Kub M+ - from 2007 Czech Kubs had modernized radars (SURN CZ), so it's worth to create another unit with better radar (possibly named Kub CZ). It was planned to use them until missiles' expiry in 2017, but apparently they are still in use

552 Mi-2 - according to Polish article, actually withdrawn in 2018 (now 110)

Between 2020-21 part of Mi-17 were modernized to special forces variant Mi-171SM, with light cab armour (possibly implemented on some earlier versions), Minigun and FLIR.
(Some English sources call it Mi-171ShM, but Roman alphabet special letters are not transcribed like Cyrilic)

In 2023 there are expected deliveries of AH-1Z and UH-1Y helicopters, but I don't known the armament https://www.key.aero/article/ah-1z-a...czech-republic
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