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Old October 16th, 2003, 12:04 AM
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Default Xerathul\'s revenge (module discussion thread)

I finally finished my new module! here it is:

Xerathul's Revenge v0.5

(Extract this file in your modules directory)

The module was completely build from scratch, and contains a lot of new graphics. I experimented a bit with the mapgenerator, and was able to do some really nice things. (It's possible to create very interesting random maps in dungeon oddysey, I was able to make some nice maps and I think I only scratched the surface of what is possible)
It's a shame that the demo for dungeon oddysey does such a poor job at showing these possibilities, it seems that all the maps in the demo are quite straightforward and boring.. (the horrible square city blocks of Tarlumain... )

The module contains work from the following people

Tweaked classes.txt file by Rollo and David Gervais.
David Gervais
Lord Kodos
Myself (all the bmp files with the HB_ prefix)

Notable gameplay differences from the crown of the magi/crack of doom modules that were added in 0.5

0.50 : *Spellsystem changed to prevent abuse of the infamous "spell effect stacking bug"
-spells/skills like barkskin, berserk etc, that increase stats of the caster are automatically activated, and can no longer be cast (to prevent multicasting and bonus stacking) affected spells: Barkskin, Berserk, Cleansing Armor, Cloack of Darkness, Cold Enchant, Deadly Precision, Fire Armor, Fire Enchant, Giant Strength, Ice Armor, Lightning Armor, Lightning Enchant, Magic Armor, Magic Shield, Nature's bounty, Rage and Vigor.
-The lightspell will still stack, but it's casting cost has been increased, while casting lightspell at a higher level has been made more effective.

*Monsters will drop less gold and potions, but can drop other items like corpses with magical effects (yes I play too much nethack ) armor and other things.

*added the tweaked classes.txt file by Rollo and David Gervais.
-Early XP levels are more expensive. Higher levels are cheaper.
-priests can use slings, fighters can use bows/crossbows

*added torches (terrainobjects) that can be lit/unlit by rightclicking them in the game (like opening doors)

I hope to add new levels to this mod in future releases ( this Version still has an open ending),also new Versions should generate more random maps, in an attempt to make every game really different and to add more replayability.

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Dungeon odyssey modules:

Christmas module v1.05 (attached to first post)

Xerathul's Revenge v0.5
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