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Closed Thread
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Old September 6th, 2008, 04:57 PM
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Default Magic Sites

  • GUI Map Tearing & Battlefield Tearing Some maps experience tearing under some circumstances and the tearing seems to be caused by the filtering functionality in Dominions 3. Turning filters off, closing and restarting Dominions is a workaround. It is quite possible that the tearing seen on battlefields in some combats, especially on some battlefields (the sloping ones) is caused by this problem. Setting battle details to 5 or so usually solves it as a workaround. Both of these problems appeared after patch 3.10. The problem with map tearing is discussed here
  • GUI Shortcut 'y', issue nbr 1 Sending an army to a province, then selecting province and using 'y' to manage incoming armies will not allow shift-clicking to select multiple units from the incoming army but shift-clicking to select units already in province works.
  • GUI Shortcut 'y', issue nbr 2 setting an army to move from province 321 to province 123 where you already have an army, then going to 123 and hitting 'y' shortcut only allows placement of army from 321 and army already in 123 is not shown on battlefield overview.
  • GUI Scouting Reports Sometimes game decides to give player "enemy army reports" on his own armies.
  • GUI MSG Screen No exit button, details here
  • GUI MSG Esc key Using Esc to return from Research to Messages (if you view Rsr from a link on the Msg list) sometimes returns you to Msg window scrolled way way down past your actual messages Happens fairly consistently with long message windows.
  • GUI MSG Question Mark Commanders Late game occurrence, all commander icons in the Message window may be replaced by question marks. If this happens, clicking ?Go to Commander? will only find the first commander in the list. Commanders still exist and work as they should, the game just loses trackof them in the message window. Ewierl has save files available.
  • GUI GRAPH Nation Vanishing on Defeat Anytime an opponent dies the graph of the opponent vanishes (did not happen in Dom2). At the end of the game there's no way to review the progress of the game because no one remains. This one is a very important issue to quite a few players even though it does not actually affect the progress of the game or cause crashes.
  • GUI GRAPH Limits Income, gem income, dominion and research graphs seem to have hardcoded limits to the values they display and the values seem to be low enough that they can be (at least for income, dominion and research) be easily exceeded. When a player hits the limit, after that nothing is shown, so doubling or tripling of income will just show the same flat line at the maxed out graph value.
  • GUI Numeric Keypad Numeric keypad arrows seem to have stopped working in 3.06 (they no longer scroll the map for example). They worked fine in 3.04.
  • GUI Resource Carryover Display does not work correctly. When recruiting units from a province, GUI will show negative resources on the turn the player pays for the units, but does not display subtraction of negative resources from previous turn correctly in the display even though the subtraction does occur.
  • GUI Orders Menu Menu can still appear in wrong place when opened by pressing space while a commander is selected. Appears partially or totally off the right edge of the screen if the mouse is in the middle of the screen. Esc to quit the menu and using space again usually gets it back in visible range.

  • SYS VPs, Command Line & Dedicated Servers When starting a new game from the command line for a dedicated server there always end up victory points in the map, even if you didn't touch those settings and even if there is no VP victory in the game. Is this supposed to be WAD? Is it possible to turn this off? (This report courtesy of lch)
  • SYS File time stamps File time stamps are updated on the server in MP games even when the player elects to Quit Without Saving
  • SYS Save & Quit Save and quit when connected to the server actually uploads the 2h file even though the warning message says it will not upload. This can cause problems when the server is on quick host and you are the last player to take his turn. It can cause premature end turns.
  • SYS Incompatible Battle Replay: An old Dom2 bug making a comeback, battle replays of the same battle may show a different outcome between different operating systems in certain situations. Link to bug discussion thread post

  • EVT Siege & Indie Monsters: If a castle is under siege and the province is hit with an event that causes a monster attack (barbarian horde, knights, vine men, vampire count, necromancer, Bogus etc), nothing happens. The siege goes on as usual and after the sieging army successfully storms the castle or the defender successfully breaks the siege and kicks the invaders out, the monsters from the event emerge out of timewarp and attack the victorious player, shutting him inside the castle and requiring another break siege. Presumably such independent army should attack the besieging army on the turn it appears. This was fixed and the fix worked, but caused side effects that would have altered game behavior and turn sequence too much to be acceptable. The new feature was thus classified as a worse bug than this one.
  • EVT Siege & PD Increase: Events that increase PD can happen in provinces where a castle is under siege and therefore under the control of the sieging player (who can't buy PD until he has the castle). Such events do not have an effect, but presumably they should not happen in provinces with a siege going on. Update: These events do have an effect, as the person who is sieging the province does get the PD and it stays with them. It also acts on the sieging player's side in battle if someone attacks the province (Break siege or other attack)
  • BHV Siege Blood Sacrifice When sieging a fort, the sieging commander (happened with dryad if that matters) gets the option to perform a blood sacrifice in command list (though the temple naturally belongs to besieged).
  • BHV Move to Break Siege & Lesser Horror: Moving a commander into a break siege battle at a castle when that commander is going to be attacked by a lesser horror in the next turn can cause the game to crash during battle processing with a "unit2com inconsistency" error.
  • BHV Siege AI 1: The AI sometimes behaves weirdly in siege situations, requiring an inordinate amount of time (on the order of several turns with 100+ army) to destroy castle walls despite there being only one mage with no troops inside. Update: This seems to be caused by the AI sieging algorithm getting stuck, i.e. it can take dozens of turns to try to break down walls with even a huge army becasue something doesn't add correctly, but if any disruptive event oir other change occurs (e.g. a battle in the province), all of the accumulated effects from the sieging army are applied all at once.
  • BHV Siege AI 2: Independent forces (barbarians etc) never storm forts they are sieging even if they break down the walls.
  • EVT Cave Provinces Cave provinces can get inappropriate random events, for example, "A hailstorm has devastated the countryside killing cattle and shepherds."
  • EVT Amber Clan event monster nmbr Event that gives an Amber Clan Mage to UW player should give monster 575, not 1417

  • IMMORTALITY 001: Immortal units do not respawn in capital when killed in friendly dominion. Detailed discussion in this thread. Phoenix pretender observed repeatedly autorouting in battle inside own dominion the first time it was killed despite having Phoenix Pyre in effect. The Phoenix was the only unit for that side. Immortals should not rout in own dominion?

  • AI Dominion Suicide The AI can commit suicide if it chooses a sleeping pretender, as it has no idea how to avoid an almost immediate dominion defeat. Probably most problematic with Mictlan.

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Old April 4th, 2009, 04:36 PM
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  • MAPCOM #fort [fort nbr] Does not work correctly for deep sea provinces. Underwater forts (12 Kelp Fortress, 13 Kelp Citadel, 18 Dark Citadel and 19 Living Castle) do not appear in deep sea. Land forts appear normally, so do labs and temples.
  • MAPCOM #randomequip <#> #randomequip 4 should give a commander several powerful items, but usually only two items will appear even when 7 slots are available.
  • MAPEDITOR Inserted Province does not seem to do anything. Discussion thread here.
  • MAPEDITOR Shortcut 'm' is used to assign both mountains and many sites terrain. WAD, it's shift+M for many sites
  • MAPEDITOR Province name lists: Jelenia Gora is used as name for a sea province. Jelenia Gora is Polish and means Deer Mountain. Morskie Oko is used as a sea province name. The name is Polish and means Eye of the Sea, which is a location of folklore that appears in the mountains. The name alludes to legends of a mountain lake having an underwater connection to sea. Both names should therefore be used in the mountain names list (so that B0rsuk's head doesn't explode ).
  • GAME CREATION Scenario Restrictions: After initiating a scenario restricted to a single age, even after canceling out of the scenario, you cannot select the restricted ages when starting up a new game on a different map. Discovered by backing out scenario and then creating a random map.
  • RMG: Neighbors & terrain strangeness: Neighbor assignment in random maps can be strange and sometimes neighbors are missing altogether. Sometimes water provinces can have land graphics and land provinces water graphics. Sometimes provinces can appear apparently straddling boundaries between two other provinces that are not actual boundaries after all.

  • MOD Armor Assignment to Creatures Armor can be selected for modding by armor number but cannot be assigned to units by armor number, the name must be used. This breaks mods if there are ever changes to armor names and makes it impossible to assign various armors of the same name (e.g. Centaur Barding) because the game always picks the first one. Weapons can be assigned by number, so armor should as well.
  • MOD (monster) #okleader Does not work if #copystats is used first to generate new unit
  • MOD (monster) #startaff [percent] does not work
  • MOD (monster) #leper [percent] does not work correctly. Popkill happens, but units in province are not diseased like they should. There is confusion on whether this mod command invokes fx_leper or fx_leprosy and what icon should appear. Currently it gives the scythe icon that Mabakiel and Harvester of Sorrows have and both os those units also spread disease to units. There is another ability, plaguecarrier which has its own icon and does not cause popkill, but spreads disease to units. Clarification and correction is needed.
Old April 4th, 2009, 04:37 PM
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  • BHV Army Movement vs Magic Phase Siege Discussion thread here Two armies moving against each other, one from castle to open ground can miss each other and instead of the army from open moving to siege a castle starting a siege, ends up inside castle and besieged if someone else drops a summoned spell (e.g. Angelic Host) to siege castle in magic phase. Ironhawk reports that the issue is caused by server not rechecking move orders unless army is attacked, so events that disrupt movement but do not cause attack will be ignored.
  • BHV Dominion Spread: Dominion increase chances and spread seems in some cases (or perhaps always) to be only affected by base dominion, not increased dominion. Discussion thread on Dominions spread and Bug discussion thread post
  • BHV Recycling Unique Summons Unique summons can be recycled. Uniqueness seems to be tied to the monster type ID and the game checks if a particular ID (e.g. Queen of Storms, Queen of Thunder and Queen of Clouds) is already on the map and if all applicable monster IDs are found, summon fails. If the unique summon is transformed (by Transformation or dying and casting Ritual of Rebirth), the unique slot becomes free again and the creature can be resummoned. This means that it is possible to get several supercombatants through these means, even though the gem cost is fairly large.
  • BHV SITES General, Unrest Sites that cause unrest will cause positive unrest in provinces with 0 population unless taxes are set low enough to eliminate all unrest.
  • BHV Imprisonment Equivocation: AI gods slip in and out of imprisonment. AI gods that are killed somehow revert back to imprisoned status and almost immediately break free again, suffering no reduction of magic paths.
  • BHV MERC Ritual of Rebirth: Rebirthed mercenary mummies retain mercenary behavior. Retreating from battle will still kill them, they cannot be given troops, won't let go of gems and items. WAD?
  • BHV Forging: Changing forge orders on a unit does not count gems spent on the item being cancelled, so first forging must be cancelled with some other command before assigning new forge orders if necessary gems are low.
  • BHV Nation Overview & Scouting Reports It used to be that in Dom2 spies were able to see the sites of the province they were in. This is not possible anymore (they just see the icons). However, if you lay siege to an enemy castle, you will be able to see the sites in that province fully through the Nation Overview screen. Is this WAD due to the nature of the F1 screen and the special situation of sieges?
  • BHV Pretender Creation Reported in detail earlier by PM, Dom3 behaves very strangely if a pre-created pretender is selected for loading, deleted and a new pretender created from the default form suggestion. Results can look like this.
  • BHV AI Bodyguards AI sometimes assigns far too many units as bodyguards, such as entire stacks of 20 or more that would be much more effective directly in battle.

  • BHV Critical hits There MAY be something strange about critical hit determination in some cases. The problem seems to crop up more frequently when flagellants are involved. I do not have sufficient skill to analyze the posted debug logs or to make more than tentative conclusions about them. So this is a potential issue, NOT a confirmed one. Discussion thread here.

  • BHV Items & intrinsic ranged weapons When a unit with an intrinsic ranged weapon is given a weapon item that gives a melee weapon, it loses its ranged weapon in addition to its intrinsic melee weapon. If it is also given a shield, it gets its ranged weapon back. If it is first given a shield and then a melee weapon item, ranged weapons disappear. Same behavior appears also with units with 4 arms. As long as the item in the last hand slot is a shield, it keeps its ranged weapons, but if the last hand slots contains a weapon, they disappear.
  • EA R'lyeh Descriptions Some players feel that all EA R'lyeh units should refer to Aboleths in their descriptions instead of R'lyeh. Affected units are 336 Slave Guardian, 1524 Slave Guardian, 1525 Slave Guardian, 1526 Slave Guardian, 1518 Slave Mage, 1519, Slave Mage, 335 Slave Trooper, 1515 Slave Trooper, 1516 Slave Trooper, 1517 Slave Trooper, 337 Lobo Guard, 425 Shambler Thrall, 1527 Slave Priest, 1528 Slave Priest. All of these units would need completely new versions with a different description for EA R'lyeh and the EA recruitment list updated, land and sea forms matched etc. Currently all of these units appear in all eras of R'lyeh.

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Old January 14th, 2011, 04:11 PM
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Default Re: Bug Thread: The Shortlist

  • W 336 The Deadliest Poison does not affect undead or poison immune creatures as it should. Detailed post
  • W 407 Fire Shuriken ? loses Strong Poison Apparently WAD?

  • NAT LA Caelum stealth: LA Caelum has stealthy troops but no stealthy commanders (except scout), rendering stealthy troops essentially useless
  • NAT Oceania EA PD no longer includes mermen above lv 20
  • NAT Abysia LA Fort defense is no longer ballista, but some kind of strange sprite.
  • NAT Mictlan MA Pretenders should not have 246 Freak Lord, since Freak Lord is a Blood path pretender and Blood magic is forbidden during the Reign of the Lawgiver
  • NAT Mictlan LA Underwater forts LA Mictlan should be able to build underwater forts like LA Atlantis and recruit some kind of Atlantean troops in them, since it has Atlantean units (Rain Warriors and Kings of Rain) on land who intend to return to the sea.
  • NAME Ultan, Ultan The Great Fixing did not affect name lists, so Man/Eriu/Tuatha name list still has one entry as "Ultan, Ultan" instead of just "Ultan"

  • NAT Abysia Death Scale & Income EA and MA Abysia should not have their gold income affected by Death scale, but the income is reduced by Death nonetheless.
  • NAT Ashen Empire Ermor autospawning: Censors can spawn underwater despite not being able to enter the Sea. Thus they drown immediately.
  • NAT Bandar Log reincarnation: Player receives message '****v has died and been reincarnated as a fully grown White One.' The problem is '****v' is actually a series of squares followed by a triangle (point down). No idea what happened, who died and where. According to Endoperez, this happens when a White One unit dies and is reincarnated as a White One unit.
  • NAT Non-existent nation in Hall of Fame: If a game is started with less than the maximum number of players, EA Arcoscephale appears in the Hall of Fame. Starting a 2-player game with EA Arco and any other nation will result in both nations' gods ending up in the Hall of Fame and gaining heroic abilities. If a game is started in ME with any two nations, EA Arco appears in HoF and the gods of the two nations appear there under the Arco flag. If a second EA game is started after the MA game (with EA Arco included), Arco gets both nations gods in the HoF AND both gods from the previous EA game as well, but does not actually possess any units other than their own god. Even stranger, in this second EA game, the Arco god does not gain a heroic ability outside the HoF display, but in the first one it did. ??!!!

  • LA C'tis no starting scout, only scout in army list empoisoner (110 gold & mage)
  • MA C'tis only scout in army list empoisoner (110 gold & mage)
  • EA C'tis no starting scout, lizard lord & commander of C'tis instead, no scout in army list
  • EA Sauromatia no starting scout, fortune teller instead

  • MA R'lyeh should have 622 Traitor King instead of 444 Traitor Prince
  • MA & LA Arcoscephale should have 371 Hero (Antromachus), currently disabled
  • NAT LA Caelum heroes are the same as the middle era ones, making their descriptions a bit thematically inappropriate and out of place. New heroes for LA? Caelos the Sacred One especially is a bit out of place while Zaelinys the Harab Seraphine works quite well with Return of the Raptors. Come to think of it, EA Caelum could also do with a couple more heroes, Isvat the Unwinged is the only one.
  • NAT Monkey Nation Heroes: Bandar Log, Kailasa and Patala have no heroes at all, except Devasura the Fallen, who is shared with Lanka. Lanka also has just Devasura and the undead bandaraja. More?

  • U 200 Chariot ? graphic is the same as chariot archer
  • U 254 Spectator has description of 253 Dusk Elder This is in the list as legacy of the older lists, ref. our PM & email discussion about Ermor
  • U 562/2 Sylph Glamour, no stealth
  • U 654 Serpent King (Serpent form) goldcost 0 should be 55 to match other form, otherwise cost mismatch problems may occur.
  • U 824 Ice Devil Should have fire vulnerability 50% like other ice devils except the fire immune one (822).
  • U 831 Ice Elemental Weapons should be 69 Icicle Fist, not 92 Fist
  • U 832 Ice Elemental Weapons should be 69 Icicle Fist, not 92 Fist
  • U 833 Ice Elemental Weapons should be 69 Icicle Fist, not 92 Fist
  • U 834 Ice Elemental Weapons should be 69 Icicle Fist, not 92 Fist
  • U 835 Ice Elemental Weapons should be 69 Icicle Fist, not 92 Fist
  • U 836 Ice Elemental Weapons should be 69 Icicle Fist, not 92 Fist
  • U 862 Vampire Queen Cost should be reduced from 175 to somewhere around 100. VQ has been nerfed since Dom2 and at current prices it is not a viable pretender even for SP games.
  • U 863 Apostatic Warrior Stealth(0) should be Stealth(15) or Stealth(20) to make him an "able assassin" as per description.
  • U 1345 Celestial General no attack sprite
  • U 1362 Turkey Should have startage 45; This is a trivial consistency issue that has no actual impact
  • U 1373 Son of Heavens no attack sprite
  • U 1603 Human Huskarl no description
  • U 1604 Human Huskarl no description
  • U 1886 & U 1887 should have same startage to avoid possible old age related problems, since they are the two forms of the same shapechanging monster
  • U 1964 Slayer Newt mapmove 1 should be 2
  • U 1965 Slayer Worm Base AP 12 should be 11 (Abysian base)
  • U 1978 Dust Priest Should have base undead leadership 40, not 10.
  • U 2049 Third Son of Anak Should have Forge Bonus 15, currently has none.
  • U 2070 Sibyl of Hermon Should have Healer and Fortune Teller abilities as per description, but doesn't

Units that could use a new prot 21 blacksteel helmet for thematic reasons
  • U 66 Guardian
  • U 113 Lord Guardian
  • U 69 Black Knight
  • U 70 Black Lord
  • U 68 Black Plate Infantry
  • U 72 Black Plate Infantry
  • U 74 Black Plate Infantry
  • U 76 Black Plate Infantry
  • U 78 Black Plate Infantry
  • U 80 Black Plate Pikeneer
  • U 115 Commander of Ulm
  • U 117 Commander of Ulm

  • U 304 Devil no Fire Power, should have 1? Frost Fiend has Cold Power (1), Storm Demon has Storm Power (3) and Fiend of Darkness has Dark Power (2)
  • U 305 Arch Devil no Fire Power, should have 1-2?
  • U 826 Arch Devil no Fire Power, should have 1-2?
  • U 827 Arch Devil no Fire Power, should have 1-2?
  • U 828 Arch Devil no Fire Power, should have 1-2?
  • U 829 Arch Devil no Fire Power, should have 1-2?
  • U 810 Lord of Hell no Fire Power or Dark Power, should he have one of them?
  • U 1405 Goat Sun should probably have Fire Power 2-3, since he IS a Lesser Sun after all and brings Heat from Hell with him.
  • U 631 King of Flames only Fire Power (2), same as Anointed of Rhuax, should be 3 or 4?
  • U 910 King of Magma only Fire Power (1), same as Burning One, should be 2 or 3?
  • U 909 King of Banefires no Fire Power at all, should he have it or is he too corrupted?
  • U 1384 Solar Disc Description suggests fire power might be thematic for this pretender?

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