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Old July 19th, 2022, 06:08 AM

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Default A new player wants to share some of his thoughts

Hi everyone,

I played Steel Panthers 2 for years and years. I played dozens of battles and two or three 30-or-so-battle campaigns. A few days ago, I installed SPMBT and started a campaign, and since I am a huge Steel Panthers 2 fan, I wanted to share some thoughts.

First of all, I find the infantry very difficult to kill. In SP2, shooting at infantry with a machine gun in an open area was very lethal. Now, I can spend rounds shooting at infantry in the open, and what usually happens is that the targets just shoot and kill my machine gun. Now I get better results with snipers and artillery. The artillery is not very effective, but it routs the infantry. I have read the manual, and it reminds the players that the distances are quite long since the squares are 50 yards. I think that is acceptable. However, it is difficult to get that Normandy beach feeling when the enemy soldiers are able to just walk over to my machine gun nests in a completely open area.

I have a bad headache today and I am not in the best of mood, because yesterday I grinded a 72-round battle in which I killed 1300 enemy soldiers. Including my own casualties, that means that there were around 1600 soldiers killed in less and 2½ or 4 hours of gametime. And it was a draw. The battle took me the whole day, because I was waiting for the game to end since the 40th round. I ran out of all ammunition, and I had to reammo my tanks and snipers, and I lost all my infantry, because there were enemy infantry almost everywhere. I just had to grind and grind and grind. It was not enjoyable, and I do not know if I want to continue the campaign to face another swarm of hundreds of soldiers followed by more soldiers while I spend a couple dozens of rounds to shoot some of them, then leave to get more ammo, then go back and shoot at enemy. Sometimes with no effect.

What I enjoyed in Steel Panthers 2 was that the modern battlefield is a deadly place. Now, the infantry is able to walk through machinegun fire with very minimal losses as long as they keep a cool head.

Sorry for ranting, but I seriously have a headache.
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