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Old February 17th, 2023, 08:09 AM

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Default PIAT availability dates

The game erroneously makes PIATs, unit nos 078, 202, 456, 530, 646 and 695 available only from June 1943 onwards, which is historically incorrect. According to Gander, p. 52, PIATSs were isued from "early 1943", and Moss, p. 38, echoes this. Troops carrying PIATs were filmed on March 1943 in Tunisa and in April a PIAT was fired at the Tiger tank '131' (along with tank guns) which was subsequently captured by the British when the crew abandoned it. PIATs were therefore certainly available from April 1943 for use in the Tunisian Campaign, and this is the date we used in ASL. As an aside, the wretched Boys AT Rifle was probably in use with second-line units well beyond the June 1943 date given in the game.


ASL Chapter C, p. C23.

Terry J. Gander, The Bazooka: Hand-Held Hollow-Charge Anti-Tank Weapons, Parkgate Books Ltd Ed., London 1998

Matthew Moss, The PIAT: Britain's anti-tank weapon of World War II, Wea[pon # 74, Osprey Publishing Ltd, Oxford, 2020
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Old February 17th, 2023, 10:52 AM
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Default Re: PIAT availability dates

For years we had them starting at the beginning of 1943 then 5 years ago it was pointed out that was technically too early and we went with July as that was the start of the battle for Sicily when they became more common. In Tunisia, they were far less so which is why they have a JULY start date (not June as you erroneously wrote )


the wretched Boys AT Rifle was probably in use with second-line units
"probably" ?? a bit vague coming from an 'expert" don't you think?

In fact, it IS in service with "secondary" units in the game much longer than you claim. Anyone who actually uses the tools we provide can see that.

And please DO PAY ATTENTION TO WHICH FORUM YOU POST TO..... you put these last three gems in SPMBT

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