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Old April 24th, 2012, 07:15 PM

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Default Re: Tucana (Random Nations) - Started

But but... I just killed 2 grendlekin and I have 2 sweet pimped out Cyclops'!!! (which I wasn't expecting, I'm working on research :P) If Lanka concedes then I have no choice but to surrender as well, not that I would last long against so many commander attacks! You rocked our game, GG I've learned quite a bit this game from yourself and Lanka (who demolished my gimp blessed rush haha).
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Old April 25th, 2012, 02:09 PM

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Default Re: Tucana (Random Nations) - Started

Yeah, the loss of 2 Grendels when you have a 400 gem income seems awfully small. I just wanted to throw anything that was near enough at you this turn so you'd concede faster.

Well I guess we can consider this game finished now. I'll post my turns in a little while. Torin, feel free to shut it down I suppose.
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Old April 25th, 2012, 04:26 PM

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Default Re: Tucana (Random Nations) - Started

Okay, turns attached. The initial 2 turns with Mictlan, turns 47 and 48.
And turns 53,54,55,56,57 and 58 of my WW.

As for my pretender build and general strategy,
I took an imprisoned Blood Fountain with B5, dominion 8 I think, utilizing the good scales approach.

Order 3
Production 3
Heat 1
Growth 3
Luck 1
Magic 3

Didn't really need any sort of Pretender for Jomon so I decided to take a scale approach. Their mages cover 6 paths and have various cross paths so a rainbow was hardly needed. The mages are quite good researchers, remarkable with magic 3, very cost effective, and very nasty battle mages trough communions (though map move 1 is a severe drawback). Actually, I took Magic 3 (-1MR) to synergyze with Onmyo-jis to give them some extra penetration bonuses for spellcasting, mainly for early wars should I face something I could not handle with regular troops, and than for massive communions.
There was hardly a need for an awake SC pretender eiter with Aka Oni Samurais. So I took a Blood Fountain to possibly make use of that path as well, which with a little luck from Garnet Sorceresses I did.

I used Aka Oni Samurais for expansion obviously. Orania map offers a lot of capital neighboring provinces often so the production 3 scales paid off big. My capital had 7 neighboring lands which enabled me to produce a lot of units per turn and expand extremely fast.

After my initial expansion I had quite a few provinces, forts and a lot of gold so there was hardly a need to attack anybody. And everyone else seemed content to leave me be I made the best of it.
My plan was to rush consturction 8 to get some few needed boosters than cast Gale Gate and mass summon Kohona Tengus for the gank I felt would come (it never did???)
After I deemed myself sufficiently strong to hold out a 4 way gank I cast Gift of Natures Bounty (around turn 30-35 I guess?). From that point on everything went nuts. (still no gank???)
I fortified every provinces, mass produced troops, mages and than even assassins just for the fun of it. Finished all of my research, 32000 points of it, by turn 46, which is a new personal record!

At that point I decided it was time to kill everyone one by one starting with Mictlan since he was the biggest threat at that moment. I used Kohona Tengus to grab his lands quickly. The flying ship and flying carpet were used to transport a load of Samurais along with a few siege golems and buff casting mages along with Kohona Tengus to attack and storm his capital the first turn of the war. It was a very risky move but I counted routing would do the job for me if I couldn't kill everything in the fort.

My takeover went so well I decided to just attack everybody at that point. And that's about it. A few turns later Panagea, Shiny, C'tis and BL were attacked, soon after Arco, than the Arco and the other C'tis, Jotun and finally Lanka.

So that's about it, I guess, quite ridiculous...

* Also, I've never knew there was a score graph limit for income at 32000 gold.
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