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Old March 3rd, 2016, 01:27 PM
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Default Re: Finnish OOB 9.0 corrections

My beef was mostly the BL755 CBU and then the rocket pods which were common in Mig 21 bis but which Finland didn't possess. And as I know it is all speculation and that "it has always been there" that is exactly why I asked if any input is wanted.
We keep telling people this is a GAME not a SIMULATION but it doesn't seem to matter that IMHO formed over a couple of decades of playing that people buy air assets ( when they even bother to........ ) they are looking for something that drops things that go bang and only very select few really care if the things that go bang are named correctly or may be a slightly different size than we attached of that nation whatever doesn't have 359 kg bombs it has 325 kg bombs.

OK your " beef" is mainly with the cluster bombs......fair enough I can replace them easily enough but why don't you give me a hint what would make you happy ..(1000lb JDAM ? )...the opportunity is now -------so I don't have to got through this again NEXT year and it saves me combing through translated Finn websites to find out something that you obviously already know

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Old March 4th, 2016, 03:38 AM

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Default Re: Finnish OOB 9.0 corrections

Unit: 454 - Valmet Hawk
Replace weapon BL755 CBU with:
Weapon 2: 196 - 250kg Bomb, HE: 2
End date: 12/2015

Unit: 457 - Valmet F-18
Replace weapon BL755 CBU with:
Weapon 2: 196 - 250kg Bomb, HE: 2
Weapon 3: 196 - 250kg Bomb, HE: 2
End date: 12/2015

Unit: 458 - Valmet F-18
Replace weapon BL755 CBU with:
Weapon 3: 196 - 250kg Bomb, HE: 2
End date: 12/2015

Unit: 459 - Valmet F-18
JDAM, JSOW capability from 2015 on[1][2]
Start date: 6/2015
Weapon 2: AGM-154, HE: 2
Weapon 3: AGM-154, HE: 2
Weapon 4: 500 lb JDAM (USMC weapon #212), HE:2

Unit: 460 - Valmet F-18
Start date: 1/2015
Weapon 2: 1000 lb JDAM (USMC weapon #214), HE:2
Weapon 3: 1000 lb JDAM (USMC weapon #214), HE:2
Weapon 4: -

Unit: 461 - Valmet F-18
Start date: 1/2015
Weapon 2: 500 lb JDAM (USMC weapon #212), HE:2
Weapon 3: 500 lb JDAM (USMC weapon #212), HE:2
Weapon 4: -

Unit: 462 - Valmet F-18
Start date: 1/2015
Weapon 2: 2000 lb JDAM (mk84), HE:2
Weapon 3: 2000 lb JDAM (mk84), HE:2
Weapon 4: -

All F-18's to retain Vulcan cannon as #1

JSOW is also delivered and carried (pics) but not yet live fired.

JASSM has been ordered but not yet received: http://www.upi.com/Business_News/Sec...8811449245352/
Therefore JASSM not included in here, but will probably appear during this year or the beginning of 2017.

[1] http://www.lentoposti.fi/uutiset/ilm...ommeja_lapissa

"Viikon aikana pudotettiin Boeingin valmistaman JDAM-pommin eri versioita GBU-38, GBU-32 ja GBU-31 (Guided Bomb Unit)."
"During the week FAF dropped different versions of Boeing JDAM bombs GBU-38, GBU-32 and GBU-31."

"JDAM-pommit ovat Ilmavoimien käytössä olevia GPS-ohjautuvia täsmäpommeja. Niiden taistelukärkenä toimii joko Mk84-sirpalepommi (GBU-31V1), Mk83-sirpalepommi (GBU-32), Mk82-sirpalepommi (GBU-38) tai BLU-109 -tunkeumapommi (GBU-31V3)."
"JDAM bombs are FAF used GPS guided precision munitions. Their warheads include either Mk84 fragmentation bomb (GBU-31V1), Mk83 fragmentation bomb (GBU-32), Mk82 fragmentation bomb (GBU-38) or BLU-109 penetration bomb (GBU-31V3)."

[2] http://www.iltasanomat.fi/kotimaa/ar...000826014.html
"Lapin lennoston hävittäjälentolaivue 11. komentaja everstiluutnantti Aki Heikkinen kertoo, että ilmasta-maahan-asejärjestelmän päivitys etenee vaiheittain. Ensi vuoden alusta lähtien operatiivisessa valmiudessa ovat JDAM-pommit, joiden kantama on yli 10 kilometriä.
- Lisäksi käyttöön tulevat JSOW-liitopommit, joiden kantama on yli 100 kilometriä. Vuoden 2016 aikana ilmavoimien on tarkoitus aloittaa vaiheittain JASSM-ohjusten käyttöönotto. Niiden kantama on yli 370 kilometriä, Heikkinen sanoo."

"Colonel Aki Heikkinen of Lapland air base tells, that the air-to-ground upgrade is phased. From the beginning of next year (=2015) the JDAM is in operative capability with their over 10 km range.
- Also the JSOW glide bombs will be taken into use with their over 100 km range. During 2016 Air Force has a plan to start phasing in JASSM missiles. Their range is over 370 km, Heikkinen says."
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