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Old January 9th, 2007, 10:08 PM

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Default A few interface tweaks?

Well if Weird Worlds is suddenly updating after this long haitus, maybe there's a chance of another patch for LOL. These are my 3 suggestions:

1. Please make the "win if you control 2/3 of cities" victory condition optional in skirmish games. Yeah, it's a given once you hit 2/3 you're going to win, but it's really disappointing when you've got your army poised to wipe out the remaining defense force and take the capital to suddenly have the game end because your one runner who was sitting on a city finally captures it.

2. Please make it possible for all the cash to accumulate in one "jingle" instead of displaying the money accumulating city by city. I have at least one friend who was dissuaded from buying LOL because of having to wait through all that every round.

3. The afflicted don't really have a way of killing super units like archangels before they can capture a city. I suggest adding an additional effect called "lingering horror" or something to the hag's attack that causes a -1 to influence for a single round. Coupled with leprosy, it'll be enough to reduce an archangel's influence from 12 to 9 and increase the capture time to 3 rounds.

Adding the -1 influence to plaguebearers would work, too.

Great game!
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Old January 14th, 2007, 09:57 AM
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Default Re: A few interface tweaks?

Adding that many damaging effects to Afflicted would really make them super strong. As they are, they're pretty good already (even though I don't like to play them, 'cause I don't use the Plaguebearer too well).

If the Humans are bothering you with Archangels, just buy a Hag and a Missionary for every Archangel they make - the Archangel is slow as hell, and once hit by a Missionary, it's just a big slow bag of lost gold. Buy a cheap unit on cities it might land in, if that's the problem.
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