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Old February 22nd, 2012, 10:47 PM

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Disk The Borak Star League

New Shipset : The Borak Star League

Description := The Borak Star League tends to think defensively and are more concerned about holding existing territory than they are in conquest.

Biological Description := The Borak are warm-blooded, six-limbed reptilian cave-dwellers. The Borak are long-lived, having a life span of 300 years and they continue to grow throughout their lives. A young adult has an average height of six feet when it stands erect on its hind legs; an elder Borak would tower at about twelve feet. The Borak normal walk about as a quadrupled and they also have a long whip-like tail that ends in a bony spike.

Society Description := The Boraks are goverened by a Corporation called the Borak Star League. The large numbers of freedoms granted by this system result in feelings of happiness and well being amongst the general population.

General History Description := The Borak had developed several large independent "cavern states" that occasionally competed for resources and fought wars. As they advanced technologically, they formed a loose "league" of cave-states in mutual self-interest towards common advancements and survival. As they reached the stars, this loose league was strengthened and became the Borak Star League.
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