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Old November 14th, 2021, 07:26 PM
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Post US High Speed Tractors

While we have the M4 High Speed Tractor in Game in US OBAT012 (Unit 381); we don't have:

M5 H/S Tractor
M6 H/S Tractor

Reason I raise this is I found it while setting up a Okinawa scenario -- apparently the Army had started to convert divisional 105mm Howitzer battalions from being 2.5 ton truck-drawn to M5 HS Tractor-drawn, due to their experience before and during Okinawa in actually moving heavy loads across muddy/rice fields.

There is also a USSR (OBAT011) connection:


Apparently 200~ M5 H/S tractors were delivered to the USSR from 1943 onwards, enabling them to equip three artillery brigades (39th, 45th and 46th Cannon Brigades)
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Old November 15th, 2021, 11:09 AM
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Default Re: US High Speed Tractors

Yes but there is little real difference in game terms for each type and giving different load capacities can work but really.......what actual purpose would they serve?

Building the Icon is no problem but the question is "why bother" for one thing the M-6 is for the 240 how and it is an off map only unit.

"more detail" is all well and good when it can actually serve a purpose and when all these are already in the game anything else is superflous

Searching for Units of class 180 Artillery Prime Mover
376 - Limber - Available 01/030 to 12/035
381 - M4 HS Tractor - Available 07/043 to 12/046
399 - Heavy Truck - Available 01/035 to 12/046
404 - Halftrack - Available 01/042 to 12/046
407 - M39 - Available 04/044 to 12/046
408 - M35 - Available 04/044 to 12/046

If you find you are constantly reacting to your enemy's tactics instead forcing the enemy to react to yours, you are losing the battle....
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Old November 15th, 2021, 01:00 PM
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Default Re: US High Speed Tractors

Artillery prime mover is a class I hardly ever use

I think about the only one worth bothering with is the one big halftrack that humps a German 88mm since moving towed 88s is useful for early war Germany until 75mm ATG are common and T/D become better heavy AT asset propositions than a soft 88 gun.

Other than that any gun or mortar I use fits in a halftrack and those are usually way faster so more tactically useful.

(Dont think I have ever used a horse limber other than one granted to me in a scenario!)
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