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Old July 11th, 2020, 07:57 PM

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Default Czechoslovak OOB37 - 2020

After two years of silence, I guess it's time for me to make a limited use of my remaining notes - maybe someone finds some hints useful Otherwise do ignore.

This time I researched aircraft, finding two major date tweaks and several alternative better bomb variants.

155,169 Avia B.71 - bought only in 1937-38 (now 10/34) - first delivered in 4/37 according to https://www.vojsko.net/letecka-techn...-cs-verze-b-71 (seems, that only a couple were delivered by 1938).

In fact, according to https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_SB-2 , they were not Avias, but original Soviet ones - none were manufactured by Avia before German invasion. Unofficially known as "Ant" or "Antka", presumably from Tupolev's ANT.

159 Aero MB200 - according to https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aero_MB-200 only one specimen was delivered from France in 5/35, while licence-built aircraft were delivered to units from 4/37 only (now 6/35)

According to CS Wikipedia and other pages, it could carry 1440 kg bombs:
- 2×500 kg on external mount (+4x100 kg inside?)
- 4×200 kg on external mount (+6x100 kg inside?)
- 8×100 kg in the bomb bay (+4x100kg on external racks).
It is not clear, if external mounts under a fuselage could have been used along with bombs in the bomb bay. On the other hand, to use up max load, external and internal mounts must have been combined. In case of 50 kg bomb, 16 could be carried (8 in the bomb bay and 8 on external mounts).

160 Letov S 328 - according to CS Wikipedia, delivered only in 1935 (now 6/34) (a month is not indicated)

161, 162 Aero A100 - according to https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aero_A-100, delivered only from 7/34 (now 1/34) (first unit in the class, formation #043).

Max load was 600 kg, but there is no mention about 120 kg bombs at all. There were four external mounts up to 200 kg each, so it could apparently carry 2x200 and 2x100 kg.

In early 1930s there are no bomb carrying aircraft in the OOB - it's worth to copy 171 Aero A-32 as a fighter-bomber - it could carry up to 120 kg bombs according to https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aero_A-32 (probably 6x20 kg). Used as bombers until 1935. They had two forward firing #160 7.7mm Vickers MG originally.

Variant APb-32 carried 250 kg bombs, but it is not clear when it entered service (1931?).

331 Spitfire Mk.IX - Czechoslovakia used first of all standard late wing variant with 2x20mm and 2x.50 MGs.
They returned to Czechoslovakia already in 8/45.


74 8cm Mortar Sec - it should be restored as Czechoslovak mortar vz.36, used from the beginning of 1937 (https://delostrelectvocsarmady1918-1...minomet-vz.36/)
Range: 80-3400 m (weapon 57 in Slovak oob)
Photo 8929 from Slovak OOB

88 GAZ-AAMG - icon with triple AAMG is 4151/4153.
(However, this is probably supposed to be German 15mm AAMG, rather not used among Soviet-delivered equipment from 1943 - maybe from 1945, but I have no such info. Possibly it should be supplemented or replaced with ordinary single DShK on a truck (Soviet unit 590) - or triple one (Soviet 133), but this seems rare arrangement.

65 Praga RV truck - 6x4 military truck manufactured from 1935 (now 1930). To avoid adding another earlier medium truck, maybe it's best to extend availability of 64 Praga RN instead (which was ordinary civilian 4x2 truck, manufactured from 1933).

143 3/4 ton truck - a detail, but USSR, USA and Polish LWP use 762 icon for 3/4t Dodge - though 161 seems best for all of them.
Same for 17 AOP Light Truck (the same vehicle pictured).

144 2&1/2 Ton Truck - should be AT wheel (Soviet-delivered Studebaker 6x6) (btw, photo of Studebaker is 9270, now it's GMC)

148 Ammo Truck - better photo is eg. 406 with corresponding icon eg. 3030/32/33. Chevrolet CMP nor any other COE truck was not typical among Soviet-delivered equipment.

I think that's all about Czechoslvakia.

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