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Old May 23rd, 2022, 05:48 PM

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Default Re: Abadan Peninsula Black Screen - Bug

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
I'll probably run it at a future date with the map text layer code commented out and see if it runs OK.

I have tried map text off, it worked for ten or twelve turns and then bang...

Also this map is one of the examples one should use to point out to map designers what NOT to ever lay down to the poor AI other than in a very carefully crafted scenario, best in fact if it was left for human v human only scenarios.

- it has two paralell rivers N/S. If the AI is given barges or barge carriers it will only shuttle to the nearest bank. It has no chance of getting over the second river. The river crossing and beach landing code is set up for one (1) patch of water.
- It has one east to west as well, and the AI may well move any floaty thing right along that ignoring land and hit the rear of te map... and that north channel leaves:
- an isolated island up in the North, and that extends to land on the right side as my Pakistani test tanks were engaging Indian AMX-13s that ran along the road there.
- The enemy in my test game that ran 10 or so moves before it went black on me bought naval artillery. A quick check buy and naval fire support was on offer for a meeting engagement for P1 pakistan as well. So it thinks its a beach map (might try turning the GBeach & GWideRiver flags off and saving the map later, see if they contribute to the problem).
- Oh, and the water is smack in the AI deployment area so it will plot some stuff in the deep water which will drown. It has guard code to try and avoid that but it only shifts units a few hexes before giving up..

It may be a map to use against the AI if you view map and put in bridges. Otherwise it shouuld only be for PBEM play with 2 humans, IMHO. Or left in whatever scenario it came from (Is there a scenario using this map?). Its certainly not for the AI ever to use unless in a well laid out scenario where there will never be a need to cross the second vertical channel of deep water. About the only way the AI could deal with that is if it was given lots of amphibious APCs, PT-76 etc and they survived any combat on the island.

But its probably best nuked as it is an example of a map designer being too clever - or if not, it needs a map text file telling any prospective user that it is only for use in scenario design and never to be used for random battles with the AI!
I actually made my own little version of this map with some bridges across each river so the AI wouldn't get totally confused, at the least. Once I get it working without bugs I'm happy to mess around with the scenarios to get the AI functioning properly, but of course this black screen has been making that quite hard.

Try and see if the file I uploaded works for you though, as it seems to work for me and I've not encountered our black screen bug since.
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