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Old July 21st, 2011, 01:56 PM

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Default Temp sub needed for various games!

As I will be on vacation from 26th July - 16th August, from which either hit stretches without internet and wanting to spend quality time with friends (though if I must I could probably handle noobswithlowesteem with the least micro), I am seeking any kind folk who could temp sub for the interim, general info will be provided.

I know the market for temp sub is kinda poor (understandably), if anyone can help out I'll be grateful!

Worst comes to worst I could beg to turn off timer and get my turns in whenever I can in erratic intervals.

3 games:

Gluttony -
Info: LA, Ryleh, turn 100+, 96 hrs turn, heavy micro
Summary: Pretty much won and just slowly taking over the world (and waiting for the already micro-fatigued players to give up), own half the world province + gems, you have Arcane nexus + GoH up, the selling point is that you can screw around without any chance of losing (unless you really really try), due to this the micro isn't too bad and you can half-*** it (which I've been doing after things look settled). Newer players are welcomed to this though you might be overwhelmed, a good chance to try out whatever you fancy.

Kindanoob -
Info: EA, Yomi, turn 100+, 96 hrs turn, extreme micro
Summary: Similar to Gluttony above but with 2 strong competitor still. You have Arcane nexus + forge of the ancients and an insane amount of SC, thugs, summoned elites/mages. The problem I've had is I don't have enough time to put in enough micro, it could soak up 2-3 hrs and I've only been putting in 1 hr a turn, a TON of underutilized troops (see chart, lots of it is wolves but a good portion are good stuff...), unequipped SCs and so on, but with the little I've mobilize I've kept up steady drain on enemy resource and very slowly pushing out. I wouldn't recommend very new players with jumping head first into this. The selling point is that you have top notch late game tools (anything you can possibly think of) and stiff resistance to throw them against and hone your skills.

noobwithlowesteem -
Info: AA, MA ryleh, turn 85, 72 hrs turn, Medium-heavy micro
Summary: 4 very powerful nation remains of which you are one of (with a few other near dead peripherals), an uneasy peace holds but all 4 nations have just wrapped up their recent conquest at nearly the same time and who knows what'll happen next, though judging by thread title it seems folks have it in for you as lovable as starspawns are. You have GoH, maelstrom and mother oak up.

PM me for more info or questions.
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Old July 21st, 2011, 10:34 PM

Finalgenesis Finalgenesis is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 732
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Default Re: Temp sub needed for various games!


-Gluttony under vote to end game.
-Kindanoob has potential volunteer, to be confirmed.
-Noobwithlowesteem wants you.
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