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Old May 10th, 2011, 06:38 AM
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Default Re: A runamia AAR

13st Battle ( Assault - 41 turn - visibility 90 )


Tanks were gone from the battalion, from there it was a pure infantry force with their support weapons.

Battle Plan:

Finally Spring arrived, the ground was green again. The combat area was mostly plain and with a center forest zone. There was a road and a railway from north to south at the map center, another road from east to west was at the southern region. One objective was next to this road behind a forest.

The center objective was surrounded by trees and the farther north objective was in a clear plain. Two small hills were in front of the target area.

The obvious approach avenue was the south road, for this reason the battalion avoided using it. Cpt Samoila deployed his forces at the north, companies A and B in the front, C as reserves. The engineers platoon between A and B ready to clear the path if necessary. Two AT-guns per company plus two more as reserve.

As always the recon company were going to go slightly ahead.


The head of our forces did contact after a few minutes of advance, there were some infantry squads dig in at the north plains supported by infantry guns and AAMG, also in front of the of the forest three pillboxes were located.

Artillery was called to suppress the machine guns and to lay a smoke curtain in front of the pillboxes. Snipers and HMG were move on the top of the dominating hill to have good firing positions.

Company A started to advance versus the dig in defenders but they were progressing slowly, a mine belt was detected and engineers needed to open a few paths through it while under fire, Company B moved against the pillboxes supported by two engineers platoons. C was still reserved, but a small recon forces was send to check the defenses at the southern objectives.

More defenders were located near the slope of the hill blocking the path to the pillboxes, a fierce fight started to be able to reach those pillboxes ASAP. After few minutes most of the defenders were routed. Meanwhile more smoke were laid.

Checking that companies A and B didn't need reinforcements to progress, the Cpt Samoila decided to use the reserve force to engage the third objective. Due the apparent lack of enemy armor the AT guns were sent to support the attack being used with HE heads.

The road defenders were engaged from long distance with HMG and the AT-guns, they were suppressed by the fire allowing regular infantry bypass the defenders and kept progressing against the objective.

At the center and north objectives our troops kept advancing, some enemy opened long range fire. Artillery was called to suppress them.

Engineers successfully assaulted the pillboxes, and the center defender were overwhelm, also at the north defenders routed or retreated, allowing an easy capture of the objectives.

AT-gun tractors were used to transport troops speeding their advance to the southern target. Defense were set towards the road so they were attacked by their rear and destroyed without problems.

Decisive victory for us !!

Post Battle thoughts:

An easy battle, with very few loses. This is my first battle were both sides are using only infantry, really fun. I didn't miss a lot my small tank force, Also the spring arrival made the advance easier.


Over a year without updating the AAR, really sorry but my free time has been really short. I hope I am going to be able to update it regularity from now.
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