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Old July 3rd, 2022, 03:51 AM
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Default Scenario 589-Taming the Tigers. A PBEM AAR

This scenario depicts an engagement between two relatively equal battlegroups, one German and one Soviet. Unlike my usual AARs which are vs. the AI, this one is a PBEM game between me and SaStroop. I command the Soviet side, while SaS commands the Germans. I hope that this scenario will be interesting in showing the difference between an AI and a human opponent.

The area is around Ogledow, which historically saw battles involving IS-2s and KingTigers and where a T34/85 commanded by Junior Lieutenant Oskin knocked out 3 King Tigers. The map is 110*110 hexes in size and it is the following:

As it can be seen from the map, there are 3 villages: Stazow to the northwest, Szydlow to the northeast and Ogledow to the southwest. The western ones are controlled by the Germans and Szydlow by the Soviets. All 3 have 2 VPs worth 750 points each, as well as the road junction to the southeast which is controlled by the Soviets. It is easily seen that both sides have an almost equal amount of VPs at their disposal (though Germans have one more VP) and they are worth a lot of points, so the objective of both sides is probably a simultaneous attack to the other direction with the Soviets probably having to be a little more aggressive.

My forces are:

Around Szydlow, a couple of Guards infantry companies together with heavy weapons and an ISU-122 heavy tank destroyer platoon (A).
On the small ridge south of Szydlow (B) there is a 3 gun AT gun platoon (76mm), 2 heavy MGs and an FO.

In the woods north of the road junction, an IS-2 heavy tank company, a T34/85 company and two T34/76 companies, one of them with tank riders (company sized). They are screened by a motorcycle platoon.

My plan is a slow advance towards Ogledow with the T34/76s, the tank riders and the motorcycle platoon, with the T34/85s and the IS-2 as a reserve. To the north I will hold my position, unless it becomes clear the Germans are not advancing there.
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