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Old January 6th, 2011, 10:37 AM

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Default The Campaign - replayablity

This is a rethinking of my earlier comment on another thread.

I think, to make Bronze great for replayablity, the following should happen for campaigns...

1) You pick an age - all the region maps are randomized then and there.

2) You start at the correct starting position and attempt to expand (just as the current game). The further out you go into enemy territory, the more starts they get and the more difficult it becomes. In other words, its a ring of easy games, then hard, then extreme.

3) It would be unlikely to "clear a map" but your score would be based on tiles. This way if you fail big on one map and don't think you can take it, you might try another map (just so you can gain more land and perhaps a better start).

4) Off-thought - perhaps silver should be transferable between games? Maybe the user sets a ratio - for every X number of silver he owns, he gets an additional one for the next start. This could be tied to the game difficulty, so on an easy game, its maybe 1 silver for every 2 at ending, and a hard, its 1 for every 5. This way, if you have a difficult map, you might "loot up" some more silver on easier maps. You'd also work hard on generating cash even on games you've clearly won.

5) More off-thought - random events could be instituted (not as stupid as it sounds). Perhaps between games you would be given an event notification - "New pride sweeps army!" Or "Grim religious portants observed". The the next game (and ONLY the next game) one of your race's costs change by one. For example, as the Summerians, perhaps evil relgious portants mean that ziggarauts cost 3 rather than 2. Or Citidels (based on changes in siegecraft) cost 0 or 2. Or farm outputs give 0 or 2 silver. Something like this, something that comes every so often, might mean than you would suddenly (with your temporary advantage) take on that hard enemy position.

Anyway, these are just some ideas I've mulled over. Great game!
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