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Old April 22nd, 2012, 06:09 AM

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Default Myxinia, Lords of Ooze and Slime

Myxinia is an underwater MA nation of hagfish creatures controlling armies of slimes and oozes. Slimes and oozes are all mindless and all have small amounts of regeneration. Slimes split into smaller slimes when damaged. The Myxini can only travel above water by cloaking themselves in slime, so they have lower attack and defense skill and higher encumbrance as well as a different graphic when on land. This nation is compatible with CBM 1.92

In game description:
In the deep empty plains of the ocean live the Myxini, strange blind creatures that feed on the dead and dying. The Myxini have a natural ability to secrete slime as a defense mechanism and they have further developed this ability to create and control slime creatures. They breed many varieties of slime in great pits on the ocean floor for the conquest of the world. The Myxini are scavengers, meaning that their supplies are not affected by death scales. Until recently the myxini could not travel above the waves but now they have mastered slime control, enabling them to cocoon themselves in slime when out of water.


Updated 26/04/12
Made some small balance changes and fixed a graphics issue.

-black box on myxini land sprites fixed
-makemonster on commanders now only creates basic green slimes
-whalebone ooze reduced in price to 25
-gold cost on myxini commanders increased to account for slime summoning

-slimes have recuperation
-mod now compatible with CBM
-slime weapons made armor piercing
-next shape on cold slime fixed
-myzont shaman given correct magic paths
-myzont shaman given life drain attack
-all slimes reduced in price
-digestion ooze hp increased to 60
-small slime attack sprites no longer have a black square
-all myxini now #makemonster various slimes
-slime guards cost less resources
-all myxini now have a land shape wrapped in slime with reduced movement and attack skill
-brain ooze made commanders
-digestion lords given priest level 2
-new endgame summon: whalebone ooze
-scout slime replaced by shadow ooze
-new summon: gelatinous cube

The download link and any updates can be found in this Dom3Mods Thread
Feedback is appreciated.

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Old April 22nd, 2012, 07:20 AM

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Default Re: Myxinia, Lords of Ooze and Slime

seems like a fun mod. Will try it out soon
nice sprites
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Old April 26th, 2012, 07:41 AM

Admiral_Aorta Admiral_Aorta is offline
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Default Re: Myxinia, Lords of Ooze and Slime

I've made some changes to the makemonster commanders. The only units summoned are now basic green slimes. You're still getting free troops but they're not sacred elephantish things and you sacrifice turns when your mages could be doing something else. I've also increased the commander cost slightly across the board and fixed some land sprites that had black borders around them.
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hagfish, mod, nation, ooze, slime

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