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Old August 28th, 2009, 08:35 AM

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Default Weird battles

Okay, this was a strange one last night. Pirate corvette on a 20 year mission. Found the mirror and crystal fish. Cool. Also found that hive deal that summons the bee people. Dang. So here they come.

Ran to the intercept system to meet them and found on of those astoriod folks hanging about (think it was a crust buster). It, of course, befrends me. Using my other trick, I called the bird traders in and browsed a bit, but didn't buy (so they would happen to be in-system when the swarm came in - no wonder other races don't like Humans - we're so sneaky). This kicked off a weird, weird battle with rocks, birds, and humans on one side, and bees on the other. We, of course, moidilated them.

Then they came in the other side. It happened that they were aiming at a system I'd run from earlier, one with the Zorg. While the Zorg could kick my butt, I think its a pass-through event for bees (the bees will eat anythign but Zorgmeat, I guess). Well, before they got there, I mirrored the Zorgs, and happily found that me, my birds, and my rock ALL got teleported into place. So we got another three-way battle. And at the conclusion of that, I had hyperspace.

That gave me the ability to place myself for the final battle against the swarm. I jumped to my target system, mirrored my reluctant allies (who were now feeling like they'd really been used) into that system, then jumped again to join them. And this time it was the battle-royale - hard to see what was going on, what with the view way out. In the final firball, there were explosions lashing out every which way. The crustbuster blew. The hive mothership blew. I was firing vortex balls every which way. What a light show. And I won - best game ever.

Came to bed after that and tried to explain it to the wife and she just said, "Yes, dear".


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