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Old July 16th, 2007, 07:17 AM
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Default Air Assault Task Force 1.02 !
Press Release Teaser: Patch Available For ProSIM's Latest Title!   

News Release For Immediate Release

Air Assault Task Force 1.02 Rappels To Your Desktop!
Patch Available For ProSIM's Latest Title!

Hampstead, NC, 16 July 2007

ProSIM Company, industry leader in military-grade combat simulators for commercial
users, and independent genre publisher Shrapnel Games, would like to announce that
there is a patch now available for Air Assault Task Force. Available for immediate
download, the 5.3 MB patch brings the retail version of Air Assault Task Force to version

Air Assault Task Force Version 1.02 patch highlights include:

* When playing in a Windowed mode in XP, and after applying a OS related security
update, users could experience a CTD when moving the cursor outside the window to
the desktop, and then back. This has been fixed.

* Air Assault Task Force will now support literally ANY screen resolution that the
user's hardware can support. Simply edit the "settings.txt" file in the install directory
to the desired resolution.

* Various minor database tweaks. Some examples include a decreased Somali
insurgent view range, adjusted lethality and vulnerability of attack helicoptrs, and
aligned the values between Operation Anaconda and the rest of the game databases.

* Various scenario tweaks based on player input. LZ X-Ray 1 through 4 have
ammunition and unit changes, Mogadishu 2 has a fixed scenario termination issue,
and Operation Anaconda 1 through 4 have various victory condition, unit, and map

* Thanks to Curt Pangracs, all operations orders are now included in a PDF format
along with a link in the programs menu.

The patch, and full details, may be downloaded at Shrapnel Games from the following


Air Assault Task Force, released in December 2006, is the latest command-time
simulation from ProSIM Company and Shrapnel Games. Focusing on airmobile
operations of the past four decades, virtual commanders will execute operations in
Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, and the air assault training grounds at the JRTC in
Louisiana. Battles are fought over real-world digital elevation maps, with weapon
platforms modeled in the highest fidelity. Next to needing a classified security level,
there simply is no other wargame system available to the commercial user that brings the
modern digital battlefield to life on your monitor at this level of realism.

"With its highly sophisticated AI, Air Assault Task Force allows players to exercise as
much control as they feel comfortable with, from company-level missions to "attack
here" or "defend this" to micromanaging the activities of individual vehicles and teams. It
is about the closest players can get to actual multi-echelon combined arms training
without feeling the prop blast from a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter and the smell of JP-4
aviation fuel wafting through the air... In conclusion, Air Assault Task Force is a great
wargame. It looks good and plays well right out of the box," reported Bill Macon, in his
review of Air Assault Task Force at the Wargamer.

Air Assault Task Force features a robust set of single-player scenarios, a scenario builder,
and full multiplayer options to play over the Internet, LAN (not all companies believe
LANs are dead), serial port, or even modem. Players of the earlier ATF series of games
(which includes ATF: Armored Task Force, The Falklands War: 1982, Raging Tiger: The
Second Korean War, and The Star and the Crescent) will appreciate the fact that Air
Assault Task Force will upgrade all ATF games to take advantage of the new features
found in this latest ProSIM title. Fall in love with them all over again!

To download demos or to learn more about the complete line of ProSIM titles available
from Shrapnel Games (so realistic defense contractors use them in their own
simulations), please visit www.shrapnelgames.com You will also find our complete
catalog of award-winning games in a variety of genres that have largely been forgotten
about by the mainstream gaming industry.

To visit our company blog go to www.shrapnelcommunity.com/blog/
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