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Old December 12th, 2006, 07:28 AM
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Default Newest ProSIM Title Now Shipping!
Press Release Teaser: Air Assault Task Force Storms The World!   

News Release For Immediate Release

Air Assault Task Force Storms The World!
Newest ProSIM Title Now Shipping!

Hampstead, NC, 12 December 2006

The sound you hear this Christmas won't be of a jolly fat man leading a team of reindeer
from rooftop to rooftop, but rather the cacophony of modern death machines descending
from the skies and vomiting forth Hell from their bowels. From the verdant jungles of
Vietnam, the sun-baked desolate landscape of Somalia, to the Taliban infested mountains
of Afghanistan, take a ride with the Air Assault Task Force and wage war in the most
realistic simulation available commercially on your PC! Shrapnel Games is pleased to
announce that ProSIM Company's Air Assault Task Force for Windows is now shipping!

Air Assault Task Force, available directly through Shrapnel Games for only $44.95, is a
real-time simulation of airmobile operations of the past forty years. Featuring campaigns
in some of the most infamous hotspots of the world (and training operations in the United
States), players will command more than just air assault troops. Besides airmobile,
operations include the use of light infantry, artillery, armor, attack aviation, and the
whole range of modern land combatants, all fighting on real world terrain imported
directly into the game using digital elevation maps. Other games can try and replicate the
battlefield, but Air Assault Task Force gives you the actual battlefield.

The next generation of ProSIM games, Air Assault Task Force is the core engine that will
be used in all future ProSIM titles and builds upon its predecessor, the ATF: Armored
Task Force engine. Retaining all the realism and unparalleled accuracy of ATF, Air
Assault Task Force makes a monumental change with the user interface. Previously
users commanded their forces by selecting the order and then selecting the unit, whereas
now in Air Assault Task Force a simple right-click on a unit will then allow that unit to
be ordered. While seemingly a minor change, by creating a much more intuitive
command structure Air Assault Task Force tears down the walls of difficulty that some
gamers found with previous titles.

ProSIM veterans will also find a slew of graphical changes, with a much cleaner interface
and brighter graphics that now support either full screen or a Windowed mode up to
1280x1024 using the latest DirectX technology. The damage modeling has been fully
upgraded to allow precision system destruction, as opposed to the previous "live or dead"
model. Improved munitions, variable weather, individual buildings, and other
enhancements found throughout ATF: Armored Task Force are of course present.

Most exciting of all Air Assault Task Force is fully backwards compatible with the ATF:
Armored Task Force line of games, and indeed actually will upgrade those games to take
full advantage of the new engine. Essentially this means that players can enjoy their
favorite titles like Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War and The Falklands War: 1982
with all the bells and whistles found in Air Assault Task Force. How many other
developers are willing to go the extra mile and ensure that gamers don't have to abandon
their old games because of the latest title arriving on the scene?

Like all ProSIM titles Air Assault Task Force comes with extensive documentation, a
helpful user community, and the dedicated support of ProSIM.

For a taste of what to expect be sure to download the demo, available at:


More information on Air Assault Task Force can be found at www.shrapnelgames.com,
where you can also find the complete catalog of ProSIM titles. Titles so real that the
defense contractors actually use them to power their simulations. You'll also find many
other award-winning and exciting independent games.
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