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Old June 27th, 2009, 06:47 PM
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Default Re: OT: Bible Discussion (Split from Real World Sensitivities)

Sorry but I have read more of these posts not all mind.

Surely the mark of whether you are a good man has nothing to do with race religion. etc.
If some one has suffered missfortune & you go out of your way to help or share what you have leaving yourself short is that not more a mark of a good person.
Race & religion generaly make you a worse man if you are the sort of pesrson that takes them in to account rather than just treating the person before you as just that a person. If you actually happen to have picked the right God from those available I would also like to know how you earned the right to judge. I don't think its your call somehow.
I would also say modern society is bad look at western culture its collapsing. Family values, what sorry whens the last time you helped your neigbour, who lives 5 doors away from you, think of there name even let alone know them. Of course not you are living a cellular life community has died all you want is a bigger Plasma or car.
Sell my Plasma to help someone out you are having a laugh, of course the money you spent on it could keep several hundred people alive in africa for a few months. But hey its not my problem the goverments should do something about it.
Wake up people you elected them based on what exactly, so they are going to do as you do because that keeps them in power.
Off topic but all nations politics are lost because a big part of the vote is probably the sympathy bit, you can relate to them. How do you seriosly expect a guy who is an ex farmer, failed in the oil business despite millions being bunged at him to suddenly be capable of running a country & making sensible decisions. Not aiming at one nation they are all the same mine included & power corrupts remember.
You want a better world get off your *** & do something about it forget all segregation for whatever reason. At the end of it all you will know you tried & hey just perhaps somebody was watching. Strangely this person whether he believes in God or not actually strayed terribly close to the teachings of them all. Quite possibly he did it without wanting something in return just because he was brought up with a sense of values & managed to stick to them. It may have made him feel good about himself from time to time to.
Sorry for the spelling & not having ago but a few weeks ago I helped at the local school doing some work because my friends children go there & it was for kids.
The people there wer amazed I had given up a day (doing what exactly) to come & help. 6 parents had bothered to show up which kind of shows how much they value there kids futures let alone someone elses.
Society what society if it does not help me directly aint doing it.
Welcome to hell you live in it.
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