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Old March 31st, 2017, 06:33 AM
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Post We've Upgraded the Upgrades!
Press Release Teaser: winSPWW2 10.01 Replaces winSPWW2 10.0 and.winSPMBT 11.01 Replaces winSPMBT 11.0   

We've Upgraded the Upgrades!
winSPWW2 10.01 Replaces winSPWW2 10.0 and winSPMBT 11.01 Replaces winSPMBT 11.0

Wilmington, NC, 31 March 2017

Every once and a while corrections become necessary. You can always count on Camo Workshop to make corrections efficiently and immediately. The new upgrades for winSPMBT and winSPWW2 are now available. These upgrades replace the upgrades from March 3rd. A description of the changes follow.

A couple of obscure but serious database errors were discovered in the Orders of Battle (OOBs) in both games after the latest patches were released. That lead to the discovery that an error that we had thought had been corrected in the coding of the master unit cost calculator a year ago had resurfaced and after tracking that down and checking the recalculated OOB's it was discovered that perhaps 5% of the units in the games had incorrect costs. The problem is , in the two games combined, five percent of the units is about 2,400 units.

Most of those cost errors were minor in the 1-2 point range but some unit classes like attack Helicopters as well as SEAD and COIN aircraft in winSPMBT for example were out by 20 points or so and the ground attack unit class in winSPWW2 was out by a bit less but roughly the same amount.

Since this was also a year a new version of the CD was being created we could not knowingly ship the new CD with these errors so the decision was made to correct the CD before it was released and that meant a revised patch needed to be issued.

Those who have ordered the physical, safebox, version of these games will be receiving the latest 10.01 and 11.01 versions. Those who ordered the download versions will be receiving new download links to the 10.01 amd 11.01 versions. Those who were just upgrading using the patches can go to the games' product pages to get the new upgrade patches. Just look for the links under the 'Downloads' section.

For those who ordered the download version, all the new download links will go out today. The physical safebox versions will start shipping today, but will take through tomorrow to ship all games. All orders will ship in the order received. Those who ordered the safebox games will receive an email when your order ships.

Please note if you are currently playing in a secure PBEM game applying the patch WILL cause your game to FAIL. So be smart, wait until completing your game, and then make sure to patch up.

The Camo Workshop regrets the errors and the necessity of issuing updated game patches so soon but we strive to release the best possible game we can and sometimes that means things like this will happen from time to time.

Get the winSPWW2 10.01 patch here.

Get the winSPMBT 11.01 patch here.

WinSPMBT and WinSPWW2 are available in three different formats. There is a free version that includes all the general content. Then there are two Enhanced Editions that sound just like the name, providing enhanced capabilities and features not available in the free versions. One version is a physical CD while the other is a download. All versions work with the latest version of Windows.

To get your gaming on please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com. Check out our catalog of eclectic strategy titles and download demos for all our titles!

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