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Old March 29th, 2018, 04:47 AM
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Post Hooah! The 2018 winSPWW2 and winSPMBT Upgrade Patches have Arrived!
Press Release Teaser: Gaming Gone Wild!   

Hooah! The 2018 winSPWW2 and winSPMBT Upgrade Patches have Arrived!
Gaming Gone Wild!

Wilmington, NC, 29 March 2018

They're here! The 2018 winSPWW2 and winSPMBT upgrade patches are now available for download! We are bringing a storm of brand new content, revisions, and bug fixes that will leave you militarily motivated. Some enhancements are only available to Enhanced users. These exciting Upgrades (winSPMBT to v.12.0 and winSPWW2 to v.11.0) bring a powerful punch to tactical wargaming on your PC!

Before we go any further, it's time for a few announcements. DO NOT apply the upgrade patches while in the midst of a secure PBEM game as the game will fail. The 2018 patch for winSPWW2 will upgrade v. 9.0 or above to v. 11.0 and the 2018 winSPMBT patch will upgrade v. 10.0 and up to v.12.0. Got it?

As you have come to expect, both patches add plenty of additional content to the games. So, take a look at some of what Camo Workshop has added...

winSPMBT, upgraded to version 12.0 includes:
•32 New Scenarios
•30 Revised Scenarios
•4 Revised Campaigns
•81 New or Revised Map Files
•347 New or Revised OOB Photos
•5 New or Revised Game Interface Photos
•555 New or Revised Vehicle / Aircraft Icons
•93 Updated OOB Files
•49 New or Revised Icon Files
•221 New or Revised Text Files
•23 Revised picklist Files
•7 New or Revised Sound Files
•144 New or Revised Game Guide Photos / Graphics

And winSPWW2, upgraded to version 11.0 has:
•36 New Scenarios
•20 Revised Scenarios
•1 New Campaign
•10 Revised Campaigns
•102 New or Revised Map Files
•501 New or Revised OOB Photos
•20 New or Revised Game Interface Photos
•36 Updated OOB Files
•422 New or Revised Vehicle / Aircraft Icons
•1007 New or Revised Text Files
•4 new or Revised Sound Files
•95 New or Revised Game Guide Photos / Graphics

As you can see, there is a heckuva a lot of content just by the numbers, but now let us explore just some of the specific changes.

Secure PBEM is once again Secure. This loophole in the security code is now closed.

In the Purchase Screen, Anti Tank Guns, Field Guns and Mortars that are combined with transport units will now ONLY show the vehicles capable of transporting the gun selected so in a formation that might have a wide range of gun/mortar choices coupled with a wide range of towing vehicles to choose from players can now be confident that the combination of gun and towing vehicles they choose will indeed tow the gun selected.

Under some circumstances there were guns that would not fire AP rounds at targets that required AP rounds but use HE instead. That tangled bit of code has been sorted out and the problem eliminated.

Maps may now have TXT files associated with them so map makers can now explain and "sign" their work. These text files can be manually added to the Maps folder named the same way as the map except with the ".txt" extension.

The blast radius circle now displays as two pixels wide making it easier to see on some terrain combinations.

Fires from burning wrecks NO LONGER always obscures vision through the hex. A random variable has been added to smoke from wrecked vehicles that will sometimes allow LOS vision through that hex so unlike in the past, being behind a burning wreck no longer guarantees you are out of LOS. It also means that you can no longer be safe from return fire from units that had been following the tank you just knocked out.

In game drop shadow around units has been increased. We have gone from what might be described as an "Early Afternoon Shadow" to a "Late Afternoon shadow ".

Both game guides and MoBHack Helps have had many updated screen graphics added.

For Extended CD owners only) In the main game screen and deployment screens, pressing the middle mouse button will centre the map on the currently selected unit and also simultaneously highlight all of the visible hexes from it.

For Extended CD owners only) The extended map editor now allows you to strip all terrain from the map , leaving only the contours with one press of a button. This does a bit more than flood filling the map with base terrain that followed contours did.

For Extended CD owners only) The mini map can now be expanded to show the entire map by right clicking on it with the mouse if the map is larger than 100 hexes wide and 80 hexes high so it can now be expanded to show an entire large map up to 160 hexes wide and 200 hexes high.

When making bombing runs aircraft Icons will now appear to be above the smoke generated by bombing and not appearing to fly through or under it.

And there's lots more! You can check out the complete list of changes (and the graphic examples) by visiting the respective forums:

2018 SPMBT Upgrade Patch: http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/showthread.php?t=51842

2018 SPWW2 Upgrade Patch: http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/showthread.php?t=51841

But really, why wait to read about them? Just download them already!

winSPMBT Version 12.0 Upgrade Download Link: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/Camo_Wo.../MBT_page.html

winSPWW2 Version 11.0 Upgrade Download Link: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/Camo_Wo.../WW2_page.html

Both winSPWW2 and winSPMBT are available as fully featured FREE downloads or Enhanced Editions (CD or Download). The Enhanced Editions are not different in the core gameplay, but provide a lot of extra bells and whistles for the Steel Panthers connoisseur. Both games work with even the latest version of Windows.

Be sure to visit www.shrapnelgames.com for more great games!

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