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Old April 12th, 2010, 12:05 AM
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Post That Old Black Magic: Digital Eel Releases VooDoo Interface, The Album!
Press Release Teaser: The One Game Soundtrack Collection That Takes You Beyond Time And Space!   

That Old Black Magic: Digital Eel Releases VooDoo Interface, The Album!
The One Game Soundtrack Collection That Takes You Beyond Time And Space!

Hampstead, NC, 12 April 2010

You've played their award-winning games. You own all their action figures (even the banned slime spewing glow-in-the-dark Phosphorous model released only in Japan). But do you have their album?

Well no, you don't, because they haven't made one. Until now. [Insert overly dramatic music] Digital Eel, the Seattle based development trio much beloved by all indie gamers, is proud to present an awesome collection of music and ambient soundscapes that might just blow your mind.

Entitled VooDoo Interface, the full length album features the musical hepness of the Nightmare Band (Rich Carlson, William "Phosphorous" Sears, and several session musicians from beyond our Euclidean sphere). With music both from and inspired by many of their hit games (such as Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity, both published by the kind folks behind the news release you are currently reading, Shrapnel Games) VooDoo Interface is now available to download in the format of your choice.

The track line up includes:

Dr. Blob's Organism
Brainpipe I: Smetlov's Locus
Brainpipe II: Trippocampus
Brainpipe III: Cognitive Cascade
Big Box of Blox
Weird Worlds I: Jaunt Venture
Weird Worlds II: Incident
Weird Worlds III: Grand Tour
Void Probe
I was a Teenage Haircut

You may expect that a collection (not available in stores!) so full of aural awesomesauce would set you back a pretty penny. It will not. In fact, every track can be downloaded individually for the low, low price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They're free!

But dear reader, if you want to support your favorite indie developer you can make a donation (minimum five bucks) and download the whole shebang at once as a complete album. Besides earning the gratitude of Digital Eel (who promises not to use the collected donations to manufacture a super doomsday device that will crush all life in the Milky Way) you will get such goodies as four super fantastic bonus tracks, an original hi-res CD cover by Phosphorous, and much more. We won't spoil what the bonus tracks are but we do promise that they will get your glorborx humming and your morthron clicking.

All told there is over sixty minutes of eargasm from the folks who know how to give really good ear. After all, Digital Eel won the Excellence in Audio award at the annual Independent Games Festival in 2004, 2006, and 2009.

Check out the VooDoo Interface album and get your download on:


Afterwards be sure to stop at Shrapnel Games to get the games behind the music if you don't already own them. And if you do, why not turn a friend onto them?

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space is the multi-award winning game of galactic exploration in twenty minutes. Be a pirate, scientist, or military commander and discover new worlds and lifeforms in Sector Prime. Every game is different. Available for only $24.95 for both Windows and Mac, either as a physical product or a download.


Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity is another award-winning title. A metaphysical arcade game, Brainpipe tickles the mind with cool visuals while soothing the soul with some of the coolest audio you've ever experienced in a game. Only $14.95 it is available for both Windows and Mac as a download.


And then you have games like Plasmaworm, Big Box of Blox, Dr. Blob's Organism, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, and Soup du Jour. More great stuff and guess what? They're all free!


For more great independent games visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com for our complete catalog of acclaimed titles. From the epic fantasy 4X warfare of Dominions 3: The Awakening (now available for download!) to the Pacific campaign in War Plan Pacific, Shrapnel Games has a little something for everyone.

About Digital Eel

Digital Eel formed in 2001. A self-funded independent game development group based in the greater Seattle area Digital Eel consists of Rich Carlson, Iikka Keränen and Phosphorous. Their games have won numerous awards and are beloved by fans around the globe.

About Shrapnel Games.

Shrapnel Games was formed in 1999 by Tim Brooks to self-publish All American: The 82nd Airborne in Normandy (sequel to the smash hit 101st: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy) but soon became a publisher of unique and interesting independent games. Home to a wide range of award-winning games, Shrapnel Games looks forward to a robust 2010.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/forms/c...nel_games.html

To visit our company blog go to: forum.shrapnelgames.com/blog.php
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