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Old April 1st, 2007, 03:36 AM

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Default Planets new sizes, types, and Atmos Knowledge Base

Ok. Here I go.

To add a new type of planet to the system you will need to modify PlanetPhysicalTypes.txt, StellarObjectTypes.txt, SystemTypes.txt, and Components.txt.

Lets say you want to add a new planet type call Organic. You would then add

Name := Organic (Type of planet)
Description :=
Picture Index := 2 (if you add pic to the set of 3 great)
Tech Area For Colonization := Organic Colonization (Need the new component to the Components.txt)

to the PlanetPhysicalTypes.txt.

Then add or change the Stellarobjecttypes.txt with the following.

Stellar Object Name := Planet Gas Ringed 0001 Huge (name of object)
Physical Type := Planet (have not messed with not sure what we could do with it yet.)
XFile Class Name := Planet Ringed 0001 Huge (This is to deal with x class. Not sure how to change it. Suggestion is to leave alone)
Maximum Model Size := 24.0126 (Don't know what this dose. Suggetion leave alone.)
Hex Size := 1
Picture Index := 356 (If you add picture then change this to mach. Pictures/Planets/)
Portrait Filename := planet_gas_ringed_0001_huge.bmp (This is the bmp that you look at (128X128)Pictures/Planets/)
Large Portrait Filename := planet_gas_ringed_0001_huge_lp.jpg (This is the large version.(512x512)Pictures/Planets/)
Description :=
Planet Size := Huge (this is how you would change the size of the planet. This will be cover later in this message.)
Planet Physical Type := Gas Giant (Change this line to the new type)
Planet Atmosphere := Carbon Dioxide (Atmosphere Should be able to be changed. Have not tested but will list the starting points later in massage)
Planet Gravity := Formula Planet Gravity
Planet Temperature := Formula Planet Temperature
Planet Radiation := Formula Planet Radiation
Planet Surface Empty := PlanetSurface_Gas_Carbon_Empty.bmp (If you make you own for your planet great. Else just copy and change. Add to Pictures/Planets/)
Planet Surface Colonized := PlanetSurface_Gas_Carbon_Colonized.bmp(If you make you own for your planet great. Else just copy and change. Add to Pictures/Planets/)

ok now to the systemtypes.txt. You will want to add your new type to the chances to being made.

Chance Type 1 Number of Any Planet Compositions := 5 (How many types of compositions there are)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 1 Type := Rock (Type)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 1 Chance := 20 (% of showing up)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 2 Type := Ice (Type)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 2 Chance := 20 (% of showing up)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 3 Type := Gas Giant (Type)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 3 Chance := 20 (% of showing up)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 4 Type := Organic (Type)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 4 Chance := 20 (% of showing up)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 5 Type := Crystallen (Type)
Chance Type 1 Any Comp 5 Chance := 20 (% of showing up)

Then once you have done that you should be able to test the set and see your new planet type in the game. You will not beable to colonized it yet. The last step is to add the new new component to the Components.txt. like so...

Name := Organic Colony
Description := Materials needed to start a colony on a Organic planet.
Picture Number := 194
Maximum Level := 10
Tonnage Space Taken Formula := 200
Tonnage Structure Formula := 200
Cost Minerals Formula := 200 + (([%Level%] - 1) * 2)
Cost Organics Formula := 1000 + (([%Level%] - 1) * 10)
Cost Radioactives Formula := 1000 + (([%Level%] - 1) * 10)
Supply Amount Used Formula := 0
Ordnance Amount Used Formula := 0
Can Be Placed On Vehicle Types := Ship, Base
Can Be Placed In Ship Sections := Inner Hull, Outer Hull
Component Type List := Technological
General Group := Colonizing
Custom Group := 0
Number Of Requirements := 2
Requirements Evaluation Availability := AND
Requirements Evaluation Allows Placement := TRUE
Requirements Evaluation Allows Usage := TRUE
Requirement 1 Description := Empire must have at least tech level 1 in Organic Colonization.
Requirement 1 Formula := Get_Empire_Tech_Level("Organic Colonization") >= (1 + ([%Level%] - 1))
Requirement 2 Description := Empire must have racial trait Organic Manipulation.
Requirement 2 Formula := Empire_Has_Racial_Trait("Organic Manipulation")
Number Of Abilities := 2
Ability 1 Type := Planet Colonize Type 4 (Just make sure you use type 1 - 5 since that is what the system would allow at the time of writing this.)
Ability 1 Description := Can colonize a Organic based planet.
Ability 1 Scope := Space Object
Ability 1 Range Formula := 0
Ability 1 Amount 1 Formula := 0
Ability 1 Amount 2 Formula := 0
Ability 2 Type := Storage Cargo Space Amount
Ability 2 Description := Provides [%Amount1%]kT worth of cargo space.
Ability 2 Scope := Space Object
Ability 2 Range Formula := 0
Ability 2 Amount 1 Formula := 40 + (([%Level%] - 1) * 40)
Ability 2 Amount 2 Formula := 0
Weapon Type := None

That is how to add new types of planets to the game.

New size to follow in next post.
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