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Old April 19th, 2013, 08:43 PM
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Default Ouch caught napping

Well this is not going so well few battles into a long campaign as USA & I am in Tunisia at the end of 42 & taking on the Germans for the first time. Both sides decide to take advantage of the night & recon in force bumping heads at 200yards. First contact is 4 small groups of armoured cars which are quickly dispatched for the loss of a few men. They are spread across the map so as we continue our advance I am wondering which if any have forces following on & try to position my reserve accordingly then all hell breaks loose.
I have 3 infantry Co each with MMG 60mm mortar 2 37mm ATGs a scout, jeep, M3 scout car & 3 trucks.
In support are 2 platoons of Engineers 2 MMGs 2 snipers & a bazooka team along with 8 halftracks a couple more M3 scout cars & a handful of trucks.
Armour consists of 10 M4s, 3 M3s & 2 M3 75mm GMC tank destroyers along with 2 M7 105mm HMC in an assault gun role.
Half a dozen AA units & 8 assorted arty from 75-105 along with a Foo complete my core & things are looking a bit bleak.
Decided to go without support the rifle companies advancing to contact spread across the map, the ATGs & support units are trailing in transport as the reserve along with the tanks & as most of the scout cars appeared towards the top of the 80x80 map they are towards that vicinity.
Well so far there has been zero additional activity there but down the bottom boy its getting messy I think virtually the entire German force is down there trying for a breakthrough.
I sort of got it right on where they would appear & the infantry there closed up a bit on the correct spot. 3 of the M4s & a couple of the ATGs are in the vicinity when the first platoon of infantry & tanks are sighted, sporadic fire minor casualties to both sides & my infantry get a tank.
3/4s the way up the map 2 MkCs are seen & quickly dispatched so I delay with my reserves waiting to see what happens.
Well the AI got its act together combined arms as the sky rains steel with uncanny precision & a company of infantry & another half dozen tanks lay fire into my line.
Reinforce with what I have trying to avoid the artillery & mine comes online which at least slows what looks like about 2 Cos of infantry but the tanks are another story the dangerous stuff has now turned up & they are about to steamroller my infantry most of who are I think on the verge of running. Both the ATGs in the area are gone along with 2 Shermans the other is the only thing stopping them, hes got 4 kills but is now immobilised.
Some how I am going to have to slow them with outclassed stuff my M3s & TDs will have to do the job along with a few infantry as they will get to the hot zone long before my remaining Shermans.
This ones going to hurt StuGs are now rolling in behind the tanks.
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