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Old November 20th, 2006, 02:15 AM
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Default Mod Reference Thread

This sticky thread serves the same function as the one Tampa_Gamer created in the SEV Modder’s Knowledge base. This post will serve as a quick link to any mod that has been deposited in this repository but unfortunately slipped into the “down below”. If you would like your mod placed here please contact one of the moderators so we can edit this thread with a link. Nothing personal, just trying to keep this thread clean with one post divided into categories; as opposed to twenty posts placed haphazardly.

Aesthetic Mods:
TNZ Small Flag Mod
Small UI Mod
The Flagtastic Mod
Tampa_Gamer's Sound Mod
Raapys Dark UI Mod
Raapys Sunglow Mod
TNZ's Shield Effects Mod

Gritty Galaxy Mod
SE:V Balance Mod

Total Conversions:

Ship Sets and Neutral/New Race Portraits:
The Ngrath Empire
Neutral Race: The Jirwick Infestation

Miscellaneous Mods:
Governments Mod

Mod Creation Aids:
Space Empires 5 Editor

Miscellaneous Files:
Design Names by PE Shang
Design Names anthology
Santiago's Emperor & Empire Names Compilation
Historic Warship Names by MarkSheppard
President Elect Shang; Tal-Re Republic of Free Worlds
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