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Old March 7th, 2007, 09:28 AM
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Default New Digital Eel Game, Beta Testers Sought!
Press Release Teaser: Shrapnel Games Wants You To Eat Electric Death!   

News Release For Immediate Release

Shrapnel Games Wants You To Eat Electric Death!
New Digital Eel Game Announced, Beta Testers Sought!

Hampstead, NC, 07 March 2007

Strap an astronaut diaper on, put Bonzo to bed, and say a prayer 'cos thanks to Digital Eel
and Shrapnel Games you're going to:


Eat Electric Death? What in the name Randolph Carter is that? Could it be:

(a) A retro punk band from New York City?
(b) What happens when a cat chews through the Christmas tree lights?
(c) The words of an overachieving state executioner?
(d) A shiny new boardgame of tactical space combat set in the Weird Worlds universe?

While it could easily be "b" it's pretty doubtful we'd send out a press release about dead
cats, so it must be "d"!

Shrapnel Games is excited to announce that Digital Eel, developers of the award-winning
and critically acclaimed Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (available for both
Windows and Mac) are taking gamers on a bold new adventure. Just as they distilled the
essence of becoming the Kirk and exploring the realms of space in under twenty minutes
on your computer, Digital Eel is charting a new course in tactical space combat on your
dining room table.

Eat Electric Death! is a fast and furious boardgame of tactical starship combat for two or
more players (allowing for team play). Set in the Weird Worlds universe of computer
fame, players will immediately recognize the wide variety of starships and races from the
game. Twenty different vessels, from nimble Terran fighters to dreaded Urluquai capital
ships are included. Of course it wouldn't be a Weird Worlds game without all types of
cool weaponry so expect to see things like nova cannons, micrometorite guns, and the
only weapon to be banned in seven galaxies and denounced by the Evil Empire Dedicated
to Enslaving The 'Verse, the nefarious particle vortex cannon! (Better stock up on those

As you would expect from the masters of speedy and simple--but not simplistic--
gameplay Eat Electric Death! is easily learned and played by gamers of all ages. Forget
four hundred page rulebooks and needing a master's degree in speculative starship
physics, Digital Eel puts the fun back in space combat! Bookkeeping is a minimum, and
involves keeping track of a few counters on your ship's data card. Combat is like
shooting wamprats in Beggar's Canyon, with a single die resolution. There's plenty of
chrome included with cloaking devices, point defense systems, teleportation, and more.
Lots of ships, lots of weapons, and lots of tactical situations to explore. The scenarios are
arranged to introduce players to new concepts as they progress, making the learning curve
quite gentle.

Sounding pretty cool? Want to play it before anyone else? Right now Shrapnel Games is
in need of playtesters as Eat Electric Death! goes into the beta stage. To become the first
kid on your block to single-handedly defeat the all powerful Yellow Kawangi destroyer
and win the adoration of fembots everywhere you'll need the ability to print out the
playtest kit components and a couple of ten sided dice. Nerves of steel and a quick wit in
the face of danger is optional.

To be considered for beta testing email Mindi at mindi@shrapnelgames.com with the
subject line "Eat Electric Death Beta Testing". Tell Mindi about your experiences with
boardgaming, space games, and any previous playtesting. Those chosen will be notified.
Actual beta testing will involve playing the game and actively providing feedback to the
developers so be prepared to speak up!

Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming exciting boardgame in the coming
months, and to check out the computer game that Eat Electric Death! is based upon,
please visit www.shrapnelgames.com/digital_eel/weird_worlds/1.htm You'll find a fully
playable mini-mission demo, and once you've fallen in love with the game you can order
it for only $24.95, either as a CD or as an immediate download.

To see the complete Shrapnel Games catalog featuring games of independent excellence
that you won't find on your local retail shelf go to www.shrapnelgames.com. Besides
specific game details you'll find demos, free full games, and even a new program for
college students and American military personnel that will save your money on each
purchase from Shrapnel Games!
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