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Old December 6th, 2004, 10:28 PM
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Default SE4 Templatizer - want a special mode for DO?

Say, I thought I'd mentioned this already, but a forum search for "templatizer" in the DO forum turned up no results...
I have a program I wrote called the "SE4 Templatizer"... basically what it does is it takes SE4 items like starship components and generates whole series of them based on mathematical formulas - so for instance a Polaron Beam level 1 might do 30 damage, a Polaron Beam level 2 might do 35 damage, and so on, where a Polaron Beam level N does N * 5 + 25 damage. Or you could have much more interesting formulas, like linear increases in cost with logarithmic increases in damage and range and exponential decreases in size
What I thought I'd offer is, since I'm making a new Version of the program anyway, I could make a special mode that works with Dungeon Odyssey data files, so you could have a Healing Potion level 1 that heals 50 HP, costs 100 gold, and weighs 1.00 pound, a Healing Potion level 2 that heals 55 HP, costs 120 gold, and weighs 0.95 pounds... well, you get the picture
It's really not much extra work for me, because my program can already handle any data file in Malfador's "name := data" field format; all I'd need is a list of all the "weird" fields and how they're processed by the game - by "weird", I mean fields that aren't single numbers or text strings; weird fields are things like lists of numbers such as SE4's "Weapon Damage At Rng" field which lists the damage done by a weapon at each of 20 range values.
Any interest?
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