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Old September 5th, 2021, 10:06 AM

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The armour factors of '1' all round are too low. I accept that getting data on this beast is difficult, and when we were researching ASL I even wrote to the Turkish Military Attache in London in the hope that the Turkish army still had data, but to no avail. Chamberlain & Milsom's Self-Propelled Anti-and and Anti-Aircraft Guns, MacDonald & Janes, London 1975 (showing my age now) p. 42 gives 6-20mm, but a letter from the Bovington tank Museum from E.Bartholomew dated 26 October 1987 states that crew ironically complained that its 40mm armour was too thick and that it was - of course - overloaded. Gordon-Hall's report of armour in the Mediterranean theatre mentions only 40mm plate (p. 92) and states that there are no records of its use in action. There might be a case for increasing your figures.

Once again I apologise for not including that illusive unit number, but as far as I know there is only one unit listed.
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