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Old May 5th, 2010, 01:14 AM
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Default Re: Ban-a-thon

Originally Posted by Raiel View Post
On more thing while we're on the subject and then I'm done with it...

It may be obvious to many that I am on Sombre's side. But here's why:


A moderator on this forum threatened to make Sombre's life a living hell.

This is so out of line that I cannot even begin to express my disgust. When I read this I was furious and intent on contacting the admins about this. However, I waited 'till I had a chance to get Sombre's take on it... he wasn't happy, but he was nowhere near as incensed as I. So, I didn't pursue it any further... but if your curious where Sombre's "lack of respect for the mods" originated, I suspect you need look no further than the above referenced post.
Dude, when people follow your link, they are going to see the comment in the original context it was presented in, which will actually make Sombre look bad. You would have been better served to not post a link to the thread and just say something random like "A mod threatened Sombre".

FFS Sombre needs new lackies, you guys are terrible at spin.


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