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Old September 19th, 2010, 12:19 PM

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Default Re: Better Know a Pretender: The Green Dragon

Radio_Star is quite the fan of sensationalism, but it however seems to be a verbose attempt to ridicule what amounts to be a useful suggestion:

"Make PD more complex."

Even the simple feature available to mobile armies, a squad positioning and orders interface, would be rather helpful.
I can surmise that the developers may have shied away from such in an effort not to overload the player with micromanagement; with perhaps a more intuitive interface, it may be a plausible improvement.

As it stands now, I personally have no great displeasure over the PD system--it has a niche to fill, the wooden picket against roving bands of mystical slaughter.
Ostensibly stationary chaff, perhaps its greatest use is to assist mages lying in wait for an ambush: A good Fog Warriors, or even a behind-the-lines Paralyze caster can multiply the effectiveness of PD manyfold.

As a side note: As 13lackGu4rd indicates, it may be best to create a thread on 'PD Use and Improvement,' giving this thread back to the Dragons.
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