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Old April 5th, 2015, 09:36 AM

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Default Daily Codes For All Of April!

These are "Daily Codes"
  • They are case-sensitive. Put them in note-pad with a system font if you're not sure.
  • You can use 1 per day (they are date-sensitive)
  • They are "time zone sensitive" , so where you are in the world will affect which one you can use and when.
  • Enter them after you start or continue your game
  • A "Credits" code will give you 1000 credits multiplied by what sector you are in
  • A "Rescue" code can be used on planets or in space, and restores either hull & shields, or hit points & oxygen
  • They were randomly generated, so I don't know what some of them do!
  • ENJOY!

April 5 (Item Code) : *amF4HBL
April 6 (Device Code) : !acwJ*uW
April 7 (Rescue Code) : W7OiDeN9
April 8 (Credits Code) : i*eHliZZ
April 9 (Item Code) : F7GJcBgS
April 10 (Device Code) : CPRBKu2g
April 11 (Rescue Code) : N*NZKPf3

April 12 (Credits Code) : OPpYype7
April 13 (Item Code) : h*8jHue!
April 14 (Device Code) : eTMDlZ9x
April 15 (Rescue Code) : jPlf3$H*
April 16 (Credits Code) : uPW92WL6
April 17 (Item Code) : J*x4*fO#
April 18 (Device Code) : $P3DFfeW

April 19 (Rescue Code) : F743oSlX
April 20 (Credits Code) : *aj7V!d7
April 21 (Item Code) : rTQjWWVd
April 22 (Device Code) : o*@*xCBd
April 23 (Rescue Code) : l7qiB#l5
April 24 (Credits Code) : Z*oHrL#K
April 25 (Item Code) : fab4CfFJ

April 26 (Device Code) : RTz*VsLP
April 27 (Rescue Code) : xT#3#SwX
April 28 (Credits Code) : CTrHw*SC
April 29 (Item Code) : $Ps4Mu@a
April 30 (Device Code) : EPLw8PR$
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