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Old January 30th, 2012, 10:14 PM
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Fallout Tucana (Random Nations) - Executor Wins

Random nations - (all nations included)

Also on sombre forum and punta de lanza

Punta de lanza

send pretenders to pretenders[ at ]llamaserver[ dot ]net

Single age Complete (original mod)
CBM 1.92
Streamers & Standards



Treaties are private & exclusive inside the signers.
An other option is to make it public in the thread when it's signed to avoid future discussions if theres a pact-break you have some record.

No special conditions or house rules
if you are playing for fun (and to win the game) you are welcome.

(Names are actually links tought to private message regarding diplomacy)

Torin - LA Acro 1º
Paulus (pdl) - LA Pythium 2º - Turned to AI
Nihil (pdl) - MA Ulm 1º - Turned AI
Trismegisto (pdl) - EA Acro 1º
KriegDrake (pdl) - LA Gath 2º - Defeated
Uldin (pdl) - MA Ashdod 2º
Captainmerluzo (pdl) - EA Lanka 2º
Skor (pdl) - MA Mictlan 1º
kosomoko (pdl) - LA Ctis 2º
Taragarth(som) - EA Caelum 1º Defeated
knightofni(som) - MA Rlyeh 1º
Mozkito (shr) - MA Ctis 1º
Zetawulf (shr) - MA Jotunhem 1º
Dfloger - EA Pangaea 1º
Executor (shr) (som) - LA Jomon 1º
DarkAvenger211 (shr) - MA Shinuyama 1º
ghoul31 (shr) - MA Bandar Log 2º
hawk120 (shr) - MA Atlantis 1º Defeated
Constan(pdl) - MA Acro 1º

Every player has the chance to ask for a second roll if th first is not wanted. If so he has to stick with the 2nd roll.

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dominions 3, multiera, pbem

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