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Old March 1st, 2019, 11:27 AM
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Question Modified OOBs and PBEM

I'm really looking forward to start some PBEM soon.

Since i love my fellow Bundeswehr, i (started to) correct the OOB44 to bring it up to a state of being historically correct (as good as possible).

Mostly redone the organization and corrected some availability dates:

MARS batteries for example were planned and formed on the organizational level in the late 1980s already, but actual delivery to the Bundeswehr didn't happen until 1990-1993.

Another example is the "Fliegerfaust 1" (German designation for the Redeye SAM) which was used until the introduction of the "Fliegerfaust 2" (Stinger) in 1992.

I didn't change any stats tho (didn't find any mistakes here so far), no weapons altered or TI added to units or the like.

Question is: is it, from the technical pov, possible to play a PBEM with a modified OOB when the opponent used the vanilla one or will this cause problems like it's the case with scenarios?

I'm aware usage of a modified OOB in PBEM would be a negotiation thing.

If people or even the developers are interested in corrections regarding the 1980s ("Heeresstruktur IV" army structure 4) OOB44, i am gladly ready to post my findings with sources in a seperate thread.
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