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Old January 8th, 2022, 11:29 AM
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Default Re: Stack Movement?

I guess I am just an old fashioned squad leader and control nut. I move every squad, tank, gun, truck my self. Tedious as it may be, I started at company level then battalion and up to brigade size, but I don’t mind slowly moving every piece into each hex and for me staying in formation or what I define as formation. I always move the last unit in a formation first working up to the 0 leader. Generally only one or two hexes at a time all the way through the command and then recycle back and move one or two hexes again. The exceptions are at the start of a campaign scenario prior to contact but you develop a sixth sense when it’s time to shift to the 1-2 hex moves and when it’s time to shuffle platoons closer or further apart.
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Old January 10th, 2022, 12:27 AM

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Fallout Re: Stack Movement?

I like the option and have no issues concerning its use or how it works, but this this thread is making me feel like a "dinosaur".

I guess too many SPI/Avalon Hill/SSI and the "grandaddy" of them all Chess games over the years.

But the "father(s)" of my board game life, was the "rarity" to have played the original TACTICS (1958 which I played ~20yrs later. also, they released a 25th Ann. Ed. in 1983.) and it's younger and newer brother TACTICS 11 (1973) .

I blame my youth and my "sometimes" micro-managing to the tried and true one unit at a time approach to get to, hold and advance to/from my objectives.

It slows the game down, however, for me and my Chess background if you can't look several moves ahead and do the same from your opponent's point of view more often than not, at best a draw, or worse a loss. If you're lucky you might pull one out but rarely against a competent or better player.

Besides at my current "young" age the exercise is good for the brain.

And wouldn't it be a "witch" if your waypoint fell upon an opponent's advance units or an ambush? Just a consideration of "how far down the road" do you go using that method of movement?

"If something is not impossible, there must be a way of doing it." - Sir Nicholas Winton

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