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Old March 4th, 2013, 07:56 PM

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Default Re: Hot Hot Heat [Game In Progress]

You are right. This game had alot of play left to it. However, I did have control of the seas because of killing off 100+ Atlantis mages in some bad attacks he made.
My Arcane Nexus income was around 150+ astral gems per turn. Blood income was 250+slaves per turn. I had 2 Demon lords and 2 mages capable of casting Wish. 200+ standard gem income. 10 Wraithlords with Skull/Staff and bosters sorcery ring boosters. Water Queens/Air Queens/Tartarians. I was casting 'rain of Jaguars' 3 times per turn for a total of +45 Holy Flying Demons with claw/claw/bite every turn. Because of 3X Bless, they were F9W9A9. My stuff was quite insane. I was putting together a crazy mage group of all Treelords/Trents/N3 mages that would 'Charm' enemy armies. (Yes, I was building Tons of penetration items). Had 4 Ember Lords capable of wiping out entire armies with Fire magic and some Tartarians with W6 for wiping out armies in cold climates. Um...Sucubus' with lots of toys. At some point Mictlan just grew really really ugly this game. It would take Pan and Van and Tienchi to band together. All other factions were basically beaten or drained of strength. Mictlan controlled Shin, Abysia, Man, Atlantis, Ulm, and those other Giants that Abysia took out early. We were about to take Pythium's capitol. And so....it would really take an organized Pan/Van/Tienchi to put up a fight. Who knows, you might have won!
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Old March 5th, 2013, 11:16 AM
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Default Re: Hot Hot Heat [Game In Progress]

I'm sorry if you feel as though you were denied the chance to win. But let's put it this way, it was highly unlikely that you could beat Mictlan on your own. In a sense, Mictlan won in that he achieved a might that could only be rivaled, if rivaled at all, by the combined strength of all the remaining players. A feat such as that deserves some sort of standing akin to victory.

In the end, the real clincher for me was the unchallenged Nexus. End game might comes down to gems, and Mictlan had, on top of his own gem income, half of all the other gems in the game once spent. Hording your own gems didn't stop other players from feeding him. Hording also meant you weren't making anything with magic that could rival Mictlan's arsenal. Spending it all simply made the game progress down its inevitable path that much faster. It was a lose-lose while that world enchantment remained a factor. I know several attempts were made to rid the world of that enchant, and every failed attempt only fed more gems to Mictlan without any gain to the other players.
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