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Old November 15th, 2011, 03:20 AM

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Default Personal wishlist

I just wanted to share some ideas for the game just to geek out.

More map interfaces:

dominion shades, tired of counting candles? Wouldn't it be nice to see that nice gradient blob of dominion radiating from your capital. Further breakdown: looking for the ideal land for your ice giants? Why just turn on the temperature map overlay, also looking to have food for your giants? Why just turn on the growth map overlay and both layers will become semi-transparent.

Material shades: similar idea, shades for wealth and resource, the current system is fine but it would be nice eye candy.

Magic Site overlay: Shade mode for each site by gem type shaded according to their gem income, Highlights for recruit able magic sites, further differentiated by something like commander/scout/troop only with strips or something. Highlights for sites with special effects. A map mode of searched provinces, one for each path. (Can be turned off of course, or just a different map view) Ideally they are semi-transparent so multiple layers could be combined.

Oh and also include a new site overlay for sites unseen by the player until this turn, I'm tired of going through the messages and trying to match up sites found on the nation overview.

Recruit sliders: Fingers cramping to recruit chaff on massive maps? Why not just use a recruit slider for the province, region, or nation as a whole?

Rally points: If there's one thing the AI's good at, it's moving thousands of indies to your meat grinder. So why can't it do it for you? Setup a recruiting province/region/the entire nation and the AI would automatically recruit the cheapest commander(s) possible to shuttle the troops to the rally point. For magical creatures you'd have to either assign them proper commanders or it'll just recruit the cheapest magical commander. Why stop there? Allow multiple rally points for different troop types, have the option to allow the AI to teleport in mages if you want. Why stop there? Allow the AI to take quotas: Say allow options for the AI to teleport in x amount of Y every turn if there is gems for it.

Auto-research: Mages would automatically research if possible and not given an order, combined with a national recruitment slider you would be able to just set the recruitment target and be done with it. Fire and forget researchers.

Ritual slider: A slider to set the amount of a certain ritual done (say site searching ones) over time-span that could be adjusted. This slider can be for a province(s), for a set of commanders, or for the nation as a whole.

Forge Slider: Practically identical to the previous slider, choose what to forge, how much, auto equip available hammers for the most expensive items forged, what region, and either a total amount or x amount per turn.

More detailed troop assortments: Have different options for excluding the wounded (like a check list), my never healing elephants can still storm that castle but I don't want to sort through 40 elephants looking for the crippled, limp, or blind elephants. It's unnecessary nitpicking. Have an option to sort by experience points, my three star hoplites are worth twice as much as any green hoplites, let the meat shields go first.

Commander sorting: Allow grouped commanders to stay near each other on the map screen, or at least as descending horizontal segments, easier on the eyes and much easier than scrolling up and down the list to see the entire group. Also they should be sortable by a few options: Magic/holy path, age, hp, unit type and so on... Applicable for single provinces, clusters, or the nation as a whole. And oh yes, racial profiling. Lots of it.

Message filtering: I should be able to filter out failed site searching messages, or attacked scout messages. Especially on large maps, I'm sure your pretender is a busy man/beast/demon/magical creature/manifestation and would rather have hot interns do the paper work... with the cabinet down there... or the files all the way up there.

Go to buttons/Pop ups: Have the names of provinces/commanders linked to the province/commander, that way I could just click the name in the message and either go to the province or a pop-up overview. EX; wouldn't it be nice to discover that one of your commanders made it into the hall of fame with a kick *** heroic trait? Wouldn't it be better if you didn't have to look for him all over the map?

description link: do you really need to see that same unit description every time you check it's stats? I think the description should hide unless clicked on, there's gotta be some better use for the space, pictures of cute kittens maybe, or sonic rainbow...

Battle reports: dominions is about the nitpicking the little things, so apparently we'd have to do direct research on battles. Surely some stats would help: Like average damage recieved per hit, total hits made/taken, hit:miss ratio, breakdown by unit type, average survivability in turns, number of afflictions taken/dealt, KdR ratio by unit type and so on...

Gem sliders and levels: Load up commanders with a slider, no need to click 30 times incessantly, we all know that we're special. Have optional gem levels, the commander would try to take gems from either a lab or a designated pack mule until he has the given gem level or there are none left to take. I find manually refueling my 30 mages after each battle a hassle, surely we can outsource the job to AI land.

Alchemy slider: I don't mind mindless repetitive actions, well in fact I love some of them, but not this one. Just easier to use a slider, or a dunking bird.

Seppuku: The only honorable way to do it really PG4. Cults for dummies manual.3

Give up your life for your honor, for your family, for your faith... And my upkeep.

Ok I've let it all out, otherwise I would've combusted for your amusement someday.
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