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Old November 7th, 2005, 09:29 AM
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Default WinSPMBT Supplemental Patch Now Available!
Press Release Teaser: Upgrade from Version 2.0 to Version 2.5!   

News Release For Immediate Release

WinSPMBT Supplemental Patch Now Available!
Upgrade from Version 2.0 to Version 2.5!

Hampstead, NC, 07 November 2005

Developers The Camo Workshop and publisher Shrapnel Games would like to announce
that a supplemental patch for WinSPMBT Version 2.0 is now available for download
from Shrapnel Games. The 3.4 MB zipped patch brings WinSPMBT up to version 2.5,
and must be applied to a game that already has the version 2.0 patch.

This is meant to be a supplemental patch, correcting a few issues that were not completed
with the release of the version 2.0 patch. It is applicable to both the free download
version of WinSPMBT, and the enhanced CD edition. The patch includes the following
fixes and additions:

* Fixed a bug whereas secondary ammo dump explosions would crash the game.

* Fixed a bug that prevented the AI defender from staying in place to defend.

* The bug that prevented the use of keyboard scrolling the map editor has now been

* On some mini-map terrains a bug prevented roads from being visible. Corrected.

* Sometimes the AI's units wound up facing away from enemy units. While it can be
seen as helpful by some, the cowardly unit bug is now fixed.

* The AI will now search around their position just as a human would.

* When traveling hex to hex turreted vehicles will have their turret pointing in the
direction of travel now.

* In arid terrain vehicles will use desert camo schemes, rather than temperate schemes.

* In the long campaign the AI will now buy mines when defending.

* Fifteen new scenarios by Ulf Lundström and Bill Wilder.

* Thirteen new vehicle icons, forty-eight new or revised photos, and fifty-four revised

You can download the patch from the following location, and if you haven't already
gotten the version 2.0 patch, which boasts a bevy of superb new features and
enhancements to an already great game, be sure to grab that, too (especially since you
need to apply it first!). Grab them both here:


WinSPMBT is the ultimate version of the classic modern Steel Panthers game wargamers
around the globe love, brought up to today's computing power and then improved even
further through an impressive array of new gameplay features. With scores of new
scenarios (designed by some of the best scenario makers out there), new graphics,
updated and revised OOB files, enhanced PBEM tourney play, a superb map editor, and
much more, this is what you've always wanted from Steel Panthers.

WinSPMBT is available both as a totally free download, or as an enhanced CD edition
that can be purchased. If you're serious about scenario creation or tournament play, the
CD edition is definitely the way to go, as it specifically embellishes these aspects. If you
just want to knock some tanks around though, you'll want to give the download edition a
spin. Both the enhanced CD edition and the free download offer the same basic

The Camo Workshop is hard at work on bringing their World War Two version of Steel
Panthers up to current Windows standards, look for more information on that in the
future. Meanwhile, if you enjoy WinSPMBT you may want to check out the ProSIM
ATF line of modern conflict simulation games: ATF: Armored Task Force, Raging Tiger:
The Second Korean War, The Falklands War: 1982, and The Star and the Crescent.
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