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Old June 9th, 2012, 08:22 AM

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Question Turreted machine guns and fire control values

Combing thru the Finnish OOB I came across the fact that game-wise the turret machine guns look worse than AAMGs in general: There's no increase in accuracy or lethality but the TMGs lose the ability to AA fire.

I didn't want to file a report on the OOB thread without first discussing what's the general line of TMGs. If there is an internally operated turret with electronics in it should it have fire control values larger than 0? Or is there some requirement for the operations when this should apply?

What about turreted MGs that have an AA capability? They should still be in class 4: AA capable MG?

Finnish OOB has units 048-055, Patria APC/IFVs.
XA-180 and XA-185 have NSV AAMGs without capability to fire them from the belly of the APC. XA-203 and XA-360 (AMV) use turrets, although only AMV version has the weapon 69, 12.7 mm NSV TMG. The versions with autocannons do have fire control values of 12 and 30, no AA capability.

So when exactly should the turreted machine gun or autocannon be AA capable and when should it have a fire control bonus?
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Old June 9th, 2012, 04:05 PM
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Default Re: Turreted machine guns and fire control values

See Mobhack->Help->Weapons Tab->Weapons Class->class 19 info box

Also check the differences between class 4 (flak), 5 (C/BMG), and 19 (e.g. what happens to suppressed class 4 weapons class vis a vis autocannon class 19..). Check what it says in regard to class 19's AAA (or try flying some helos by an autocannon equipped APC company by nature of an experiment )

Also recall that fire control and R/F costs extra points, once you run the unit through the cost calculator.

As to which and what should have this or that - well how long is a piece of string?. In other words, it is up to the OOB designer, especially if there are no recommendations in the Mobhack help "Design information,standards and guidelines for OOB database designers" section. Checking other OOBs and see what the designers have done there for similar stuff in the same era, is also another idea.

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aamg, autocannon, fire control, flak, turreted machine guns

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