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  1. Shrapnel Games Gets Weird!
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  3. Weird Worlds Blasting Off At Warp Speed!
  4. Have You Had Your Weird Today?
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  6. Weird Worlds Patched!
  7. IGF Awards!
  8. Mac Users To Get Weird!
  9. Weird Worlds Mac Attack!
  10. New Weird Worlds Upgrade/Patch For PC
  11. Updating the Update!
  12. PC/Mac Hybrid Weird Worlds CD Now Available!
  13. Weird Worlds Windows And Mac Patches Now Available
  14. Weird Worlds Soundtrack Lands On Your iPod!
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  16. Ludo Lunacy With Digital Eel!
  17. That Old Black Magic: Digital Eel Releases VooDoo Interface, The Album!