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  1. Shrapnel Games Presents A September To Remember!
  2. Upgraded e-Store!
  3. SALE! (Why buy her roses?)
  4. Back To School With Shrapnel Games!
  5. Tim Brooks Takes To The Air On MacRadio!
  6. Shrapnel's Savings for Scholars and Soldiers!
  7. Spring Into Action With The Shrapnel Sale!
  8. Conquest of Elysium II Now Available As A Free Dow
  9. Shrapnel Games Celebrates Year Eight!
  10. Interview With Tim Brooks And More!
  11. Special Savings On All ProSIM Titles!
  12. Shrapnel Games Enacts The Gaming Relief Act Of 2
  13. Great Savings On Select Titles All Month Long!
  14. Announcing Dominions 4: Succubi In Heat!
  15. Creative? Artistic? Work With Shrapnel Games!
  16. Three Digital Eel Classic Titles Available For Fre
  17. Another Free Game from Digital Eel!
  18. Wage Modern Warfare Within Minutes Of Purchase!
  19. Behold The Brand New Look Of Shrapnel Games!
  20. Savor The End Of Summer With The Shrapnel Games Sale!
  21. Shrapnel Games Kicks The Holiday Season Off Early!
  22. Shrapnel Games Extends Our Holiday Sale!
  23. The Shrapnel Stimulus Plan Bails Out Gamers!
  24. Celebrate New Downloads From Shrapnel With Special Savings!
  25. Celebrate Ten Years Of Shrapnel Games With A Very Special Sale!
  26. One Week Left For The Shrapnel Ten Year Anniversary Sale!
  27. Save Big With The Shrapnel Games Back To School Sale!
  28. Something Awesome This Way Comes From Digital Eel And Shrapnel Games!
  29. Start Your Holiday Shopping Early With The Shrapnel Games Sale!
  30. Shrapnel Games Holiday Sale Extended!
  31. Bring New Life To Your Goblin Slayer Game With COLOR!
  32. Shrapnel Games Announces Star Legacy!
  33. The June Specials At Shrapnel Games' Gamers Front!
  34. Spectacular Savings With The Shrapnel Games' Sizzling Summer Sale!
  35. Firecracker Savings With The July Gamers Front Specials!
  36. The August Gamers Front Specials Heat Up The Dog Days Of Summer!
  37. Shrapnel Games Celebrates The Pure Awesomeness Of National Catfish Month With A Freak
  38. Ships Of Sea And Space On Sale For The September Special!
  39. Real Time Warfare With The October Monthly Specials!
  40. Dominions 3: The Awakening On Sale All November!
  41. The Twenty Days Of Pre-Christmas Shrapnel Games Sale!
  42. A Nautical December Special At The Gamers Front!
  43. Only A Few More Days For Shrapnel Holiday Savings!
  44. Announcing The Limited Time Only ProSIM Commander Bundle!
  45. A January Air And Space Special At The Gamers Front!
  46. Buy One ProSIM Game And Get A Second One Half-Off!
  47. Save On Bronze And Steel All Month Long At Shrapnel Games!
  48. Shrapnel’s Bundle Of Fun: Four Games For The Price Of One!
  49. Conquer The World In March With The Gamers Front Special!
  50. Upgun winSPWW2 and winSPMBT with New Spectacular Patches!
  51. Tigers And Horses, Oh My! May’s Shrapnel Games’ Specials!
  52. Announcing The Shrapnel Games Sale: May Sweeps Madness!
  53. The Shrapnel Games Memorial Day Wargame Blowout!
  54. From Star To Sun, Great Wargames On Special In June!
  55. From Sea To Sky Comes The July Gamers Front Special Assault!
  56. Eight Games For Eight Days And Ten Years Of Weirdness!
  57. August Burns Green With These Shrapnel Savings!
  58. Battlefields And Dungeons Deep For September’s Monthly Gamers Front Specials
  59. Announcing Total Eclipse, The Smart Phone PnP RPG Experience!
  60. Summer’s End Signals Super Shrapnel Savings!
  61. Total Eclipse Needs Heroic Beta Testers!
  62. No Tricks, Just Pure Treats For The October Gamers Front Specials!
  63. A Nautical November For The Gamers Front Monthly Special!
  64. The 2011 Shrapnel Games Holiday Sale-bration!
  65. Start Your 2012 Saving With Shrapnel Games!
  66. The Shrapnel Games Spring Madness Sale Event!
  67. Beat the Heat With The Shrapnel Games Summer Sale!
  68. Autumn Signals Super Shrapnel Savings!
  69. The 2012 Shrapnel Games Holiday Sale is Here!
  70. Start Your 2013 Savings with Shrapnel Games!
  71. ProSIM Appreciation is Here!
  72. Celebrate Spring with the Shrapnel Games Sale Event!
  73. The Shrapnel Games Memorial Day Wargame Sale Event!
  74. It's Hot and We're Having a Sale!
  75. Autumn Brings Falling Prices at Shrapnel Games!
  76. The Shrapnel Games Spooky-Scary Sale Event!
  77. The 2013 Shrapnel Games Holiday Sale!
  78. Take Aim on Savings at Shrapnel Games!
  79. The Shrapnel Games March Madness Sale Event!
  80. The Shrapnel Games' Annual Memorial Day Wargame Sale Event!
  81. Save Big With The Shrapnel Games Summer's End Sale!
  82. ProSIM's Annual Appreciation Sale is Here!
  83. The 2014 Shrapnel Games Holiday Sale!
  84. Start 2015 with Strategy Game Savings!
  85. Rejoice! Spring is Almost Upon Us!
  86. The Shrapnel Games Annual Memorial Day Wargame Sale Event!
  87. Save Now With The Shrapnel Games Summer's End Sale!
  88. Autumn Signals Real Savings!
  89. Boo!
  90. It's Our Ho, Ho, Ho Sale!
  91. Let's Celebrate 2016 with Strategy Game Savings!
  92. Enjoy Spring with the Shrapnel Games Sale Event!
  93. The Annual Shrapnel Games Memorial Day Wargame Blowout!
  94. All Shrapnel Games Titles On Sale!
  95. Get Schooled with The Shrapnel Games Back To School Sale!
  96. Halloween is Almost Here!
  97. The 2016 Shrapnel Games Holiday Sale!
  98. We've Extended the Shrapnel Games Holiday Sale!
  99. Start 2017 with Savings on War and Strategy Games!
  100. Boing!
  101. The Shrapnel Games' Annual Memorial Day Wargame Sale Event!
  102. It's Our Summer Sale!
  103. Celebrate the Savings with The Shrapnel Games' Summer's End Sale!
  104. Autumn Brings Superior Shrapnel Savings!
  105. It's a Spooky Sale!
  106. Gobble, Gobble. It's Our Thanksgiving Sale!
  107. The 2017 Shrapnel Games Holiday Sale has Arrived!
  108. Searching For Savings with Shrapnel Games!
  109. Spring is Almost Here!
  110. The Shrapnel Games Annual Memorial Day Wargame Sale Event!