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  1. Digital Eel Opens Up The Brainpipe!
  2. Brainpipe Now An IGF 2009 Finalist!
  3. BRAINPIPE Invites Mac Users To Blow Their Minds!
  4. BRAINPIPE Wants To Suck Your Cranium Dry!
  5. Patch Your BRAINPIPE: A Plunge To Unhumanity Today!
  6. Click the Vote For BRAINPIPE: A Plunge To Unhumanity!
  7. Digital Eel Takes Home The Excellence In Audio Award At The IGF!
  8. BRAINPIPE Earns An Ernie!
  9. BRAINPIPE For The Mac Updated!
  10. The Digital Eel Phosphorous Trance Remix Interview!
  11. Win Your Very Own Copy of BRAINPIPE!