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July 12th, 2005, 03:29 AM
Here you may post your comments for third-party scenarios (personal projects from group members).

July 12th, 2005, 03:45 AM
Feedback from play-testing scenario 111


Two word for tactics.
There is a high risk and a low risk tactical approach. The difference is the with the first you earn a Decisive victory while with the second a marginal victory.

Both tactics are based on an early (quick) strategic redeployment (or else known as retreat...LOL).
The scope is to move the first defensive perimeter behind the hill in order to block the LOS of the advancing enemy. Then you must move forward the infantry to the back in order to take position 2-3 hexes behind the first line of defense. Now you have a solid line of defense with a depth of 3-4. Artillery won't be able to completely neutralize it. At the same time you must order all air assets to attack the front lines from turn1 (if you are lucky you will kill 1-3 Tanks. The snipers should go and take positions to the flank or even better to the flank and behind the line of the enemy attack. Then you should let them (reaction to 0) take good defensive position and after3-4 turns hit targets of opportunity (from covered position). As soon as possible bring your armor behind your first line of defense in order to support it.
After turn 1 use all your artillery and air in order to suppress the hostile artillery (counter-artillery missions).
While performing any redeployment use smoke fire to be protected from the enemy fire, also create smoke screen in the right (upper) flank of your defense and move all your MG units 4-5 hexes behind the line of defense.
The low risk tactical approach is almost the same, with the difference that your retreat will not stop behind the hill but you will retreat behind the buildings (rear units) and this way you will be joined by your tanks earlier in the game and your defence will be stronger but at the last turns you will have to advance in order to recapture a lot of ground... The sniper will take positions to the flanks as with the previous plan, and your artillery will be assign counter artillery duties.
Since your line of defence will be more secure, you may assign to one tank (loaded with infantry) the duty to outflank (upper) the enemy artillery and destroy it.


July 14th, 2005, 12:05 PM
Haven't finished the scenarios yet, it keeps chrashing whenever a Panther hits one of the NK tanks with its cannon. Not sure if this is because of the scenario or my set-up.

Some observations though:

the planes are armed with the 20mmM3 hispano and have both HE and AP ammo for it, but AP PEN is 0 for the gun.

When playing the 75mm RR used HE and only HE rounds against armored targets instead of it's HEAT rounds.

sofar I've been using completely different tactics! I'll let you know if I've been succesful if and when I finally manage to finish the scenario!

August 4th, 2005, 11:24 AM
Finished the scenario.

Final results were 3157 vs 369 (in favor of the USMC) with all VH's in USMC hands.
I did replay the first 3 turns once (due to crashes) so it wasn't completely a 'virgin run'.

My advice on how to deal with this one is completely opposite to Pyros' advice above!

1 - don't leave your foxholes, they're your best asset.
The only exceptions are the FO and possibly the HQ if the enemy get's to close. Both units are too valuable to waste away in firefights.
Foxholes will prevent almost all damage from enemy artillery, reduce the suppression caused by it and improve the rallying of units in it. It'll give some protection against direct fire and make your units harder to spot. Use them!

2 - use your air and artillery against enemy ground forces close to your line.
Don't waste your few assets against enemy artillery positions. It's futile, there are to many of them and the best you can hope for is a temporary suppression and even that isn't that likely. By targetting the infantry (and armor) you can inflict serious casualties and most importantly, suppression. This suppression will result in the enemy forces arriving at your foxholes piecemeal instead of in swarms (see next point).

3 - keep out of sight from 'stand off' units by employing smoke.
Smoke can be a defenders best friend. It'll keep enemy units that are at distance from firing at you and suppressing you to let their friends come close and finish you off. Your unsupressed units will slaughter the enemy once it comes next to your unit (which should still be in its foxholes). By using air, artillery and area fire from units further back you should pin as many units as possible to prevent swarming attacks on your positions (once your unit runs out of optny shots it'll be a sitting duck).
Besides smoke from arty and inf units you can also use smoke from destroyed vehicles (so try to destroy the tanks when they're right in front of you instead of from a distance), smoke from fires (use the napalm to create a flaming smoke screen in front of your line and catch some enemy infantry in it), and smoke from firing (are fire from a hex will cause smoke in that hex to appear after a number of volleys and firing into a hex will also cause some smoke there after a number of volleys in that hex).
Enemy units next to you that retreat due to losses you inflicted will often pop smoke when doing so which off course helps you more then them!

4 - keep your reinforcements back (second hill line and village) and don't expose them to enemy arty. If possible get them in foxholes with other units for added protection. Their job is to take care of enemy units slipping through which will happen at the northern and southern edges of your line. Keep your tanks between the two lines until a few turns from the end, you'll need them to retake some flags.
Put a tank asap near the crossroad north of the village (the VH southwest of it is a good hex).

5 - you will lose your forward line of units (most of them anyway). Can't be helped, point is that the enemy should suffer huge losses in overcoming them and be unable to get over on the top in any force. Your survivors should be able to hold on and mop up the remains in last few turns, retaking all VH's.

6 - use your planes to recon behind the smoke.
Have them fly in or out paralel to your line (a few hexes in front of it). They should spot (most) of the units they overfly and give you a good indication where to aim your artillery and area fire. It'll also make them strafe enemy units close to your troops. Don't worry, I didn't have a single friendly fire case! http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/happy.gif

Some obsevations on the scenario:
On turn 12 I got 1 Pershing as reinforcements. I played half of the turn and then saved the game to continue later. When opening the half played turn again, it started by giving me the second Pershing slotted for that turn as reinforcements! Is that supposed to happen that way? Saving and restarting can be a trick then to get reinforcements as quickly as possible.

Of all the aircraft armed with bombs and napalm (weapons with a '0' range) only 1 dropped part of the ordnance in the hex it attacked. All the others started dropping it in the hex after it. So the plane flies in, strafes a hex with an enemy unit in it, then drops it load in the empty hex following it (and yes, it was empty). In other words, the heavy loads were pretty much useless. Hence my advice not to waste them on artillery positions and use the napalm as a 'flame screen' for your troops.


August 27th, 2005, 02:41 AM
Here's the AAR of Andy Gailey's mod.

The scen is quite interesting. I have to admit I have started it twice (for the first time I have overwritten the saved game accidentally).
The first time I tried to defend in the positions where my troops were at the beginning. The result was mixed - I have caused several casaulties to the North Koreans, but I've been pushed back ad some of troops which were deployed more forward didn't make the retreat. It was arond turn 8 when that accident happened to me:o(
The second time I have decided to make use of the terrain and I have retreated my troops quickly into the reverse slope positions just behind the ridge, where possible. On the right flank I have utilised smoke to reduce visibility to 1.
By turn 10 the situation became quite static, with intensive fighting along the ridgeline accompanied by massive losses on the AI side. On the right flank around the Observation Hill) the AI was able to advance along the road up to the village behind the Obong Ni ridge, but the village itself was reached by one squad of light infantry. Then the enemy got destroyed by artillery and three Pattons.
By turn 20 the enemy infantry along the ridge was almost completely massacred and I have counterattacked, regaining all lost VH's.
Men: 92
Artillery: 0
Soft Vehicles: 0
AFV: 1
Points: 3357

Men: 734
Artillery: 1
Soft Vehicles: 3
AFV: 12
Points: 257

Bugs: None that I'd notice (except too effective enemy artillery, his troops hitting too often and not willing to get suppressed etc.;o))

Scenario notes: As I've said, entertaining, though the AI artillery superiority was quite depressing;o) I have managed to kill one 120mm mortar with an air strike, but I was surprised how well did the 82mm mortars do in face of two bombs and a napalm from Skyraiders:o)
The artillery was the main killer of AI, it caused most of my casaulties, his infantry played only a minor role, I'd say the most serious loss which was solely to infantry was my Patton lost during an unsuccessful counterattack that came too soon an which was lost to 82mm RR.
Definitely when comparing the original and the modified version of scen I'd say this one is better. More fun moving the units.

Btw I used my snipers to cover flanks and to fight enemy snipers, the idea to send them on rampage to enemy rear lines somehow escaped me http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/redface.gif

August 27th, 2005, 01:15 PM
narwan said:
the planes are armed with the 20mmM3 hispano and have both HE and AP ammo for it, but AP PEN is 0 for the gun.

There is a very good reason for that and it can be found reading the MOBHack help file under " Weapons tab " then read about class 11 air weapons and you will discover that the reason they have "AP Ammo" but no AP penetration is becasue, for class 11 air weapons, the AP ammo number is the number of guns multiplier for that aircraft and has nothing whatsoever to do with AP PEN. I hope you haven't "fixed" this in any of your OOBs!


August 28th, 2005, 12:09 PM
Don't worry, I don't 'fix' things myself. I know very well that I know not nearly enough about the game to just go fiddling along by myself without making a mess!