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July 12th, 2005, 09:17 AM

As Remco proposed, here we will post (front-page) the definition/terminology of the key-words that we are going to use during the campaign project.
I will add/update these in due time and after further discussion among us.

Mission: A single scenario/battle, which consist the smallest unity of the Campaign structure and may serve as a primary, secondary or bonus mission.

Chapter: A group of Missions with two characteristics; the missions in the chapter are connected from a thematic (&timing) point of view and replacement points are only allowed to be given at the start of each Chapter (never in between).

Theatre of Operations (ToO): A group of missions belonging in the same operation, or located in the same location (zone of operations); evolving of core army (addition of new core units) can be made in the beginning of each new Theatre of Operations (ToO).

Adjustable Difficulty: This is the mechanism to dynamically adjust the difficulty level of the campaign missions according to the outcome/result/skill of the player. The types of missions (involved in this process) are the primary and bonus missions.

Primary mission: This type of mission represents the main mission of each chapter and the outcome/result of this mission will determine the level of difficulty for the next chapter. In each chapter (for the same difficulty level) there would be 2 types of primary missions (A & B) with very small modifications between them. The total of primary mission for each chapter would be 2 types (A&B) for each level of difficulty (Green, Blue, Red), making a total of 6 (slightly different) primary missions per chapter.

Bonus missions: This type of mission represents the upper and lower limits of the difficulty level and its role is to imposes penalties (by heavy opposition/odds), or by granting bonus (by giving extra replacement points) to special categories of players. It is situated always after the primary mission.

Secondary missions: This kind of mission represents the variety/path in the type of primary mission that the player wishes to play. It is situated always before the primary mission and the mechanism to determine the choice/path of primary mission is made by the outcome/result of the secondary mission. A decisive victory will lead to the Type B primary mission, while a draw or marginal victory will lead to Type A primary mission. All other results will lead to the start of the next chapter (failure of secondary mission means failure of the current chapter and automatically redirect the player to the next chapter but to a lesser difficulty level).

-To be continued-