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July 30th, 2005, 05:49 AM

this is the index for the core force that we shall use for the whole campaign, so far we decided (in respect of the analogy):

1. 3x AirCAv Platoon(M)
2. 6x Patrol
3. 6x Mg section
4. 3x Snipers
5. (2-3)x Pioneer (bunker-busting unit)
6. 3x Forward Obs (one for each platoon)

Now we should decide upon the number of organic AirCav spt and for other issues of the core force.

7. (3-6)x AirCav Spt (3x UH-1B gunship)- ( organic element of one AirCav Platoon is 8 gunship, so for 3x AirCav platoon we may use up to 24 gunships; although some of them may be used as AUX for gameplay reasons )
8. (3-9)x Scout Helo sec (2x OH-13)- the number of scout helos for 3 Cav platoons can go up to 24 Scout helos, but for gameplay reasons we may use less as core force.
9. 3x AirCav Lift (5x UH-10 Huey); as Aux/Fix units we may use these for the trasportation of the "Aero Rifle Platoon (Doughboys)".
10. Light mortar ? (under discussion - do you want some as organic?)
11. 1x Hvy Helos section as AUX/Fix for transportation.


p.s The Question No4 refers not to the AUX Airlift (during the campaign a quantity of 15 Hueys will be present as AUX reinforcement for every scenario; if the designer wishes) but to the number of these airlift Helos that you wish to have (not as AUX units) but as CORE FORCE UNITS (they will gain experience etc... but may create problems to the scenario design; evacuation missiions etc...).
In other words these refer to the number of transportation helos that you wish to include to your organic force as CORE FORCE - available from the start of the scenario;
If you wish to have the Airlift Helos as AUX units simply choose "NONE" to the fourth question.