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August 25th, 2005, 08:45 AM
What is the definition of a “HERO”?

My simpliest ANSWER:
The person who wins over his fear of dying, while acting for the protection of a third person or an ideal.

I recently read a book (during my summer vacations) with the title of:
"Black Edelweiss - A memoir of combat and consience by a soldier of the Waffen-SS".

In the end of the book I was thinking what makes a soldier to behave like a hero and how can we determine the true nature of a hero, and I came up with these conclusions.

A hero hasn’t lost his willingness to live (he doesn’t suffer from a death-wish)
A hero is aware of his difficult situation and of the danger/risk of his actions
A hero has the choice to act differently (more cautiously)
A hero doesn’t suffer from mental illness or psychological problems
A hero isn’t intoxicate
A hero hasn’t lost the feeling of fear (up to the moment that he starts the heroic act)
A hero when committing a heroic act is not afraid of dying but at the same time he is not committing suicide.

The purpose of a heroic act is providing assistance/protection to someone (-ing) else than us.

The motives of a heroic act are to fulfill the oaths and commitments of the code of honor and companionship (between the comrades soldiers) and to honour the humanitarian values and national ideals.

So, what is a hero for you?

August 26th, 2005, 10:40 AM
I only know that that herosim often borderline stupidity. http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/wink.gif

August 27th, 2005, 01:59 AM
I'd say your list of hero's properties is representing my view on the matter but I'd try if I won't think out something else.