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September 6th, 2005, 01:58 AM
Hey guys, here's the NVA Orbat I've come up with:

All regiments were under control of the B-3 Front, also known as the Tay Nguyen Front (Central Highland Front). It was commanded by Sr. Lt Col Nguyen Huu An.

-NVA Regiment 32: 334 Bn, 365 Bn, 966 Bn
-NVA Regiment 33: K1 Bn, K2 Bn, K3 Bn
-NVA Regiment 66: 7th Bn, 8th Bn, 9th Bn

Also taking part to the battle for LZ X-Ray was the H 15 VC Local Force Battalion.

NVA Division TO&E:

1. Teeth Arm

Infantry Battalion
Bttn HQ: 5 AR/Carbine sqds, 0-2x Sa-7A
3 Companies@
CHQ: 1 (6 man) AR/Carbine sqd
3 platoons@ 1(3man) PHQ sqd, 3(9 man) AR/Carbine sqds, 3 LMG or SAW, 3x RPG-2 or RPG-7
1 platoon: 2x 60mm Type 31 mortars, 2 LMG
1 MG Company:
CHQ: 1(8 man) AR sqd
3 platoons@ 3 MMG &/or 12.7mm Dshk AAHMG
1 Mortar Company:
CHQ: 1(6 man) AR/Carbine sqd
3 platoons@ 3x 82mm M37 mortars, Obsolete FC
1 A/T Platoon: 4x 57mm M18 or 75mm M20 or 82mm B10 or AT-3 Sagger

Divisional Armoured Cavalry Battalion (1969+)
Bttn HQ: 2x BTR-60PA or BTR-152 or Chinese Type 531 APC
1 Tank Company:
CHQ: 1x Type 63 or PT-76 light tanks
2-3 platoons@ 3x Type 63 or PT-76
2 Scout/Transport Companies@
CHQ: 1x BTR-60PA or BTR-152 or BTR-40 or Type 531
3 platoons@ 2-3x APC as in CHQ
1 AA Platoon: 2x BTR-40A/twin 14.5mm or 2x twin 14.5mm ZPU-2, 2 trucks

2. Regiment Support
Infantry Regiment HQ: 10 Carbine/SMG/AR sqds with up to:
1 AA Battery: 6x 12.7mm Dshk AAHMG, carts or pack mules
1 Recce Company:
CHQ: 1(5 man) AR sqd
3 platoons@ 3(8 man) AR sqds, 1 LMG
1 Security Platoon: 4 Carbine sqds
1 Transport Company:
CHQ: 100 porters, cycles, some Carbines
1 Sapper Company:
CHQ: 2 AR sqds, 1 flamegun
3 platoons@ 3 AR/Carbine/engineer sqds, 3 LMG, 2x RPG-2
1 Heavy Weapons Company:
CHQ: 1(5 man) AR sqd
1 battery: 6x 82mm B10 RCL
1 battery: 6x 107mm B11 RCL
1 Support Company:
CHQ: 1 AR sqd, Assigned FC
1 battery: 6x 82mm M37 mortars
1 battery: 6x 75mm M20 RCL

3. Divisional Support
up to:
1 AA Battery: 6x 37mm M39 AA, horses
2 AA Batteries@ 6x 12.7mm AAHMG
1 A/T Battery: 8x 75mm M20 recoilless rifles
1 A/T Battery: 8x 82mm B10 recoilless rifles
1 A/T Battery: 8x 107mm B11 recoilless rifles
4 Engineer Companies@
CHQ: 2(6 man) AR sqds, 1x 60mm Type 31, 1x 57mm M18, 1 flamegun
3 platoons@ 3(6 man) AR/engineer sqds, 2x RPG-2, 2 LMG
1 Security Company:
CHQ: 2(8 man) Carbine/SMG sqds
3 platoons@ 3 Carbine/SMG sqds
0-3 Artillery Battalions@
BHQ: 6 Carbine sqds, 8 lorries, Obsolete FC
3 batteries@ 6x 85mm D44 or 76mm M42 or 122mm M38 or 6x 120mm M43 or 82mm M37 mortars; 8 trucks
0-1 Artillery Battalion:
BHQ: 8 Carbine sqds, 8 lorries, Obsolete FC (1968+)
3 batteries@ 6x 130mm M46 or 152mm D20, 8 lorries OR 6x BM-14-16 or BM-21-40
1 Recce Company:
CHQ: 2(8 man) AR/SMG/Carbine sqds
3 platoons@ 3 AR/Carbine sqds, 3 LMG

4. Notes
a) Radios are in all Bttn HQ and above. Field telephones down to CHQ.
b) Infantry have RKG-3M or RPG-43 A/T grenades, or Polish PGN-2 rifle A/T grenades.
c) The Division has 2-4 Regiments (usually 3) each of 2-3 Infantry Battalions.
d) Can use Corps and Army support from List VN4M during 1968-1975.
e) Can use Corps and Army support from List VN1M up to 1967.
f) In 1964 the NVA had 6 Infantry Divisions, 5 Infantry Brigades (List VN2M), and 10 Independent Infantry Regiments.
g) By 1967 there were 10 Infantry Divisions and 100 Independent Infantry Regiments.
h) By 1973 there were 23 Infantry Divisions, 4 Corps HQ, and numerous independent regiments.
i) NVA forces operating in Laos included 3 Infantry Divisions, 1 Armoured Regiment, and 9 Infantry Regiments by 1971-72.
j) Note in service dates: RPG-2 (early 1965); RPG-7 (1968); 82mm B10 (& B11) (1963); Sagger (1972); and Sa-7A (1971).
k) Divisional artillery used mortars when operating as guerrillas in South Vietnam.

Local Force VC Infantry Battalion

Bttn HQ: 1(12 man) rifle/SMG sqds
3 Companies@
CHQ: 1(3 man) SMG sqd, 1(12 man) Carbine/recce sqd
3 platoons@ 1(3man) PHQ sqd, 3(9-12 man) rifle sqds
1 platoon: 3x 57mm M18 or RPG-2 or 1x 3.5" M20, 15 crewmen with rifles

1 Support Company:
CHQ: 1(3 man) pistol sqd
2 platoons@ 3 MMG
1 platoon: 3x 60mm Type 31 mortars

1 Recce Squad: 1(12 man) rifle/recce sqd
0-1 Sapper Squad: 1(5 man) rifle/engineer sqd

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