View Full Version : X-ray breifing info.

October 18th, 2005, 11:51 PM
On the day before a Raido transmission was Traced back to somewhere in the area of the Chu Pong mountian.

Other inteligence pointed towards a divsional HQ in the area as well.

Three Possible LZ's where selected, LZ-Tango, X-Ray and Yankee.

On closer recon by H-13 scout helicopter's (Cpt Rickard, 9th Cav scout section) It was found that Tango was to small, only being able to manage a few Helicopters at a time. It also ahd High tree's around it, meaning it would expose the Helicopter's to a deadly amount of fire, as they hovered before landing. Yankee was covered with old tree stumps, which would provide an obstacle.

On a closer look at X-ray the scouts spotted a phone line runing along a trail north of LZ X-Ray.

The mission:
Assualt into LZ X-Ray to search and destroy the enemy found there. Bravo Coy lands first, followed by Alpha, Charlie and then Delta.
On order Alpha and Bravo Will move Northwest, while Charlie will move south east. Delta will be hte battlions reserve and provide LZ security.

The Arty at LZ Falcon will fire for 8 minuets on both LZ Tango and LZ Yankee for deception. Then they will fire on the tree line around LZ X-Ray for 20 minuets.
As the Slicks apraoch LZ X-Ray the arty fire will lift, and the ARA will take over for 30 seconds. Then the final appraoch will be covered by 30 seconds of fire from the Gunships.

The battlion Supply point and Aid Station will be at LZ Falcon.

The helicopter's will fly in Groups of 4, in a heavy left formation.