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Tim Brooks
February 3rd, 2011, 12:40 AM
Save On Bronze And Steel All Month Long At Shrapnel Games!
February Gamers Front Specials Now Live!

Cary, NC, 03 February 2011

It's another month which means a new set of games are now on sale at the Shrapnel Games online store, the Gamers Front. For February we first take gamers back 5,000 years to battle in Ancient Mesopotamia with the hit strategy title, Bronze. Then, after confining civilization after civilization to the dustbin of history, fast forward to the 20th and 21st centuries with winSPMBT (the Enhanced Edition). Instead of battling with Ziggurats and Embassies wreak havoc with sabots and ATGMs.

Bronze, developed by Dreamspike Studios, is one of our newest catalog additions. Receiving quite a bit of critical praise since its release (80% in PC Gamer, Editor's Choice from Gaming Nexus, 7 out of 8 at Out of Eight), Bronze is an elegant strategy design in which its simplicity hides an amazing amount of strategic depth.

In Bronze players can take on the role of twelve ancient civilizations that sprung up around the fertile lands surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates through three eras of the Bronze Age. Present in the game are ten campaign games of increasing difficulty, that also do a wonderful job of presenting each civilization's unique strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, a Survival mode, Custom mode, and hotseat multiplayer keep the game going indefinitely even after the Campaign mode is complete.

Gameplay is easy. Each game takes place on a map made up of a tile grid eight by eight. The objective is to control the most tiles by placing constructions on the map. Each construction has a different effect. For example, one may create income for the player's civilization while another may conquer all the surrounding tiles. Each civilization handles the ten construction types differently, so playing the Gutians is much different from playing the Egyptians.

A map takes but a few minutes to play, and with conquest only a click away, almost anyone can pick up and start playing Bronze. Though the concepts are easy to grasp it will soon become obvious to players that much like chess, each move must be carefully planned out. The ramifications of a bad move will carry though the entire game. Of course, so will a good move.

Fast, original gameplay, endless content, deep strategy, it's no wonder everyone likes Bronze. Now is your chance to experience it for yourself. All February long you can download Bronze for only $24.95 (normally $29.95). Available only for Windows.

More information and a demo can be found at its official product page:


The second game on special this month is a familiar title: Camo Workshop's winSPMBT Enhanced Edition. The Enhanced Edition means it's just like the free version, only it is enhanced with a number of goodies above and beyond such as being able to play at 1600x1200 resolution (which yes, it is quite awesome that way).

winSPMBT is a classic tactical wargame based on the famous SSI Steel Panthers series, where it began as a supermod before becoming something far more special. Covering combined warfare from 1946 until 2020, players take control of infantry, AFVs, IFVs, helicopters, aircraft, and more from around the world, fighting in turn based form on the ubiquitous hex grids of wargaming.

Play against the computer or another opponent in one of scores of scenario. Continue the fight then with linked campaigns, custom battles, or create your own with the included editing tools. Trying to exhaust all the content would take months of straight play, if not years, and with continual updates by the developers there is always something new to experience.

winSPMBT is a perfect wargaming toolbox. Why restrict yourself to games that have a narrow focus when you can replay any battle-historical or hypothetical-from around the world since the end of the Second World War.

winSPMBT is on sale for $34.95 all February and is available for Windows as a download or physical product. For more information on the title, along with the differences between the Enhanced Edition and the free version, please view its product page:


To purchase either of these games please visit the Monthly Special page at the Gamers Front:

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